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Teacher Advocacy Assignment

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Hello and good afternoon to all members of the Florida State Board of Education who are with us today. First, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Alicia Brown and I am an advocate for the educational environment of No Child Left Behind. The word teacher can be defined in the dictionary as somebody who teaches, especially as a profession. Today, I would like read a list of words to you, words that come to mind when I think of the word teacher: enthusiastic, prepared, punctual, supportive and concerned, consistent, polite, kind, firm and in control, humble, and fair. To me, these words describe the very characteristics of a GREAT teacher, all of which I strive to possess. I am ...view middle of the document...

I also believe that it puts our parents at ease knowing that their child is going to school and learning what the rest of the students his/her age are learning and the fact that they can visually see the data of where their child stands is wonderful.
There are many thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and statements that guide me as a teacher and how my classroom is structured:
* I believe that my classroom should be a comfortable and mind stimulating place.
* I believe that as a teacher, I am shaping the minds of the young people in our communities and I need to be as accurate as possible.
* I believe that I need to be someone who represents adults and educators in the highest regard to the young people in my classroom.
* I believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn and to learn at an equal level.
* I strongly believe that we need a consistency among teachers.
* I believe that a smile goes a long way and that if
* I believe that if knowledge is learned with a smile, it will be lasting knowledge.
* I believe the children are our future.
* I believe that I children need structure, consistency, and discipline in their lives.
* I believe that students should be encouraged to think outside of the box.
* I believe that all students should be given the same opportunities to become successful in their education.
* I believe that education is continuous and is ever changing. We will never no everything there is to know.
* I believe that students should be able to think for themselves and be confident free thinkers.
* I believe that the classroom should be a place not of conflict, but of positive reinforcement.
* I believe that it takes a village to raise a child and there are teachers in that village.
There are many challenges that affect teachers on a daily basis, some of which come from the placement of the No Child Left Behind act. First, the amount of pressure that is placed on the...

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