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Title: Discuss the issues about ‘inclusion’ in the mainstream primary or early years context. What are the implications for learning and how might the class teacher address them? Focus Area: EAL |
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Teaching and Learning Essay:
Inclusion: English as an Additional Language
English as an Additional Language (EAL) refers to pupils who speak another language at home and that this other language is their most prominent ...view middle of the document...

This represents a total of 492,390 pupils or 15.2% at primary school nationally and 364,280 pupils or 11.1% at secondary school (Statistical First Release August 2009). Whilst in Inner London around 54.1% of pupils are recorded as learning English as an additional language.’
I think that the above quote highlights how important addressing the issue of children with EAL in schools is in this country. The figures which show that there is a higher percentage of children with EAL in primary school than in secondary education would indicate that the percentage will be increasing further in the future. Being based in the London area and having School Experience placements in areas of great diversity has given me an excellent insight into the challenges faced by pupils, parents, teachers and schools and I hope to use this knowledge to identify the methods which will best encourage inclusion of all children within the classroom.
Inclusion in schools is something which has really come to the fore in recent years and as a concept it aims to ensure that all learners are catered for and that they are all challenged appropriately and encouraged to progress as effectively as possible. The Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency (QCDA) describe their goal in light of inclusion by stating that ‘effective, inclusive teaching addresses the needs of all learners’. The National Curriculum points out the diverse needs that teachers need to consider:
‘When planning, teachers should set high expectations and provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve, including boys and girls, pupils with special educational needs, pupils from all social and cultural backgrounds, pupils from different ethnic groups including travellers, refugees and asylum seekers, and those from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Teachers need to be aware that pupils bring to school different experiences, interests and strengths which will influence the way in which they learn.’
The National Curriculum here highlights a selection of the large number of different groups of children that can benefit from teaching in an inclusive manner. The National Curriculum also points out a number of things that teachers can do to implement this style of teaching in the classroom including ‘creating effective learning environments’, ‘providing equality of opportunity through teaching approaches’, and ‘using appropriate assessment approaches’ and ‘setting targets for learning’.
What is important to recognise is that the whole idea of ‘Inclusion’ is much broader and reaches a lot further than the school system. For it to truly work the ideas and actions need to be implemented much more widely in society as a whole. In recent years there have been a number of high profile instances such as the ‘Baby P’ case in which government authorities have failed to protect children who are vulnerable despite there being enough evidence to suggest that they may be in danger. The lack of appropriate...

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