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Teaching Assistant Assignment 4

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1) Explain the legal responsibilities of the school relating to the duty of care and the welfare of the child?

There are a multitude of laws and guidance in place to help protect children relating to the duty of care, health and wellbeing. These policies aim to protect children from the harm of child abuse,neglect,inadequate resources,family/parenting problems and effects of poverty.
All adults working within a children's or young persons sector has the responsibility to protect them and follow the guidelines outlined in child protection laws. In the children act 1989 it's outlined that the welfare of the child is paramount,this act gives guidelines for ...view middle of the document...

The designated member of staff will then contact social services by phone and then confirm in writing, which should be signed and dated. Policies and procedures should be made available to all parents/carers in order for them to understand the schools role in safeguarding children. According to the children’s act 2004 every child should be given the opportunity to achieve five outcomes described in “Every Child Matters green paper”
- Be Healthy
- Stay Safe
- Enjoy and Achieve
- Make a positive Contribution
- Achieve economic well-being
It is very important that support is given to children both at home and in school. Parents and teachers are the biggest influence in a child’s life.

2) Discuss 5 important school and statutory frameworks that directly impact on the teaching assistants work with pupils?

All teaching assistants need to be aware of the school and statutory frameworks affecting the contents of the curriculum ,child protection, health and safety and any other aspects of the school days. the first framework that the teaching assistant should be aware of is the health and safety and hygiene. This is the priority in a school setting because of the importance of protecting any pupil in that setting. Every school have policies and procedures that outline the health and safety legislations and how to put them in to practise. The second framework that has direct impact on the teaching assistant is the equal opportunities. The teaching assistant has an important role making sure that every pupil has the equal access to learning opportunities. teaching assistants are mostly hired to help individuals or groups of pupils support in order to help achieve equality of opportunity. the third framework is diversity. A teaching assistant should respect different religions, nationalities, cultures and opinions of each child and encourage pupils to develop their own personalities and character. It would also make the pupils aware of other pupils backgrounds.A teaching assistant should always show and demonstrate the values of every pupils race etc so that the pupil can build up the self esteem and identity , it will also promote the appreciation and the understanding of the different cultures and religions that other pupils have.the fourth framework is inclusion . a teaching assistant is employed and have certain responsibilities to work with a individual pupil, but some would be employed to have responsibilities to work with the whole class. The teaching assistant should aim to help the pupils gain confidence and self esteem as well as gaining independence so that pupils can fulfil their full potential. The final frame work is confidentiality. A teaching assistant must follow all the policies and procedures when it comes to this.

3) Describe the teaching assistants role in helping to keep the environment for children safe,healthy and hygienic .

Health,safety and hygiene must be number one priority in every school because of the...

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