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Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 3

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Teaching Assistant Level 3 Assignment 3
Q1 (Weighting: 5)
Explain what is meant by the term National Curriculum.
The National Curriculum sets out the statutory requirements for the knowledge and skills that every child is expected to learn at school. It was introduced in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 1988 and helps teachers plan and implement activities that meet individual learning needs of the pupils. The National Curriculum identifies what our learners should study and what standards they are expected to achieve for their age. It is divided into key Stages;
* The Foundation Phase is the first key stage and consists of three to seven year olds which is nursery and year ...view middle of the document...

Q2 (Weighting: 5)
Discuss 5 key factors that influence learning.
There has been much research carried out over the years that have introduced a number of situations and circumstances that reflect effective teaching and learning.
To influence learning we must consider how we can bring out the desired learning outcomes and how we can make learning enjoyable and interesting for each of our learners.
There are many factors that can influence learning, such as;
* A child’s family. The support and involvement of our learners’ parents or carers are essential to their progression. If a learner is encouraged at home to complete homework, read with parents on a regular basis or practise letters, words, numbers, counting etc. then that child is more than likely to excel whilst in school due to the support and practise that they receive from home. However, if a child receives no encouragement to practise particular skills that need attention or then that child is more than likely to struggle more than the child who receives the influence.
* Teaching style. It is important when teaching children that you understand each child’s personal needs. It is vital to remember that every child is different, this means the style in which they learn is also different. If the teaching approach is one which the child is not comfortable or able to understand that child will be at a disadvantage.
* Range of opportunities. Ensuring our learners have the appropriate resources available is essential to widening their opportunities to learn. A child’s learning is influenced by the number of opportunities they receive and the environment in which they learn. We must provide suitable indoor and outdoor environments that include helpful resources, for example, number lines are a great resource to use indoors and outdoors to encourage learners mathematical skills.
* Barriers to learning. These problems can be issues that pupils are having outside of school, issues they may be having during school times or even learning difficulties. All of these barriers can influence children’s learning; if they have other things on their mind or are limited within the learning environment then not only will this affect their learning but may require specific one to one attention.
* Rewards and punishments. As practitioners it is our duty to ensure we provide appropriate rewards for our age group; stickers and sweets (on occasion) are ideal for the Foundation phase but are not as appropriate for key stage two. When in key stage two raffle tickets and letters home to parents are very useful. To influence the learning in our children we must reward them for good behaviour and particularly good work that they have completed, however we must also remember the importance of simply verbally rewarding our learners and not just showering them with gifts. If they rely on the physical rewards for motivation then they will have difficulty learning in a non-reinforcing environment.

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