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Teaching Children Of Different Abilities Together Benefits Everyone

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in one class, a variety of students can be found, with different knowledge bases, study habits as well as intelligence, posing certain barriers for studying, esp. the influence to smarter students, who are far more demanding in teaching progress and content, is opinion is that an ideal method to solve the problem might be to separate the more intelligent students from the rest and be nurtured individually. in this case, the reorganized students, who are much ...view middle of the document...

simultaneously, their knowledge-thirsty intention will be catered for. however, such drawbacks as isolation amongst students will occur, and, psychologically speaking, the rest are greatly discouraged; their study morale will be seriously undermined. further more, it is unlikely that a great number of extinguished students do exist.some people are strongly against such separation, but for integration teaching. everyone is endowed with their own merits in various aspects, which can be beneficial for others to overcome shortcomings and better themselves. studying in school not only serves academic purpose, but also learn how to balance their developments in both mentality and physicality. to learn how to behave in different occasions, for example, how to handle interpersonal relations and so forth. we can not blink the fact that there are still some flaws refected from the students with high intelligence, for instance, embarrassed in communication, dull in extra-curricular activities, being isolated from others, etc. undoubtedly weakening their future competition ability.i do prefer that all the students with different intelligent should share the same teaching environment. thus the intelligent students alone with others will be more competitive in their coming careers with comprehensive capabilities learned from one another.

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