Teaching For Exceptionalities Essay

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Teaching for Exceptionalities
Dominick Salafia
Grand Canyon University: SPE 526
July 13, 2015

The following describes the lessons and activities of a two week special education program given by Yuma School District 1. Sessions were on Monday through Friday from 0800 am to 12 pm starting on June 08, to June 15, 2015. The students in this group varied in age and level of disability. I was assigned to a group that was higher functioning with mild to moderate learning disabilities. The sessions consisted of a daily calendar activity that all students participated in and daily learning centers in which the groups were rotated. The theme for the week was farms and farm ...view middle of the document...

). Learning objectives are concerned with math, socialization, speech articulation, and controlling his emotions when he perceives that someone is making fun of him. He enjoys electronics and being part of a group. With respect to social skills the visual and physical cues need to be pre taught and practiced with the teachers as well as his classmates. He also needs to learn coping skills to deal with his emotions when interacting with other students.
Reflective Analysis of Lesson
The student was given a lesson on making a bar chart from a set of pictorial data. Working with the subject we practiced some physical cues that would teach him when it was time to end a conversation and listen. We also worked on verbal indicators that would do the same. Rather than use obvious physical cues such as putting a finger over my lips or pointing at him I would use more subtle ones. Some of the physical cues were simple as touching my eyeglasses, or putting a hand on the table or my shoulder (School-Based Interventions, 2010). This proved to be moderately successful given the short period of time I had to work with the subject. The whole key to this method was so that he would not feel that he was being singled out or unfairly chastised. Dealing with his sensitivity of being called names or being bullied he need to learn that his reactionto teasing (both real or perceived) could make the situation worse. He needed to learn that simply crying and complaining to the teacher was not the only alternative and rather than try to get the instructor to champion his cause he needed to learn techniques to deal this his emotions (School-Based Interventions, 2010). This was a bit difficult for him since one on the persons in his group would generally antagonize everyone in the group. Another student had a hyperactive disorder but had a handler that knew him very well assigned especially to him (this student was not mean just very hyperactive). Some of the coping mechanisms we tried were to not respond to insults or teasing and to use breathing techniques and counting to ten mentally. The regular teacher had to pull the disruptive student aside more than one and I continued with the instruction while the student was disciplined (in one instance the student had to be physically restrained). Given the circumstances this was moderately successful. Some progress was made and given the situation my subject did very well. It should be noted that for this group each student was given an incentive (School-Based Interventions, 2010). If they individual received a positive report they were given time to play a game on the Ipad. If I were to teach this lesson again I would keep the materials the same, however, I would modify the method of instruction. Some of the things I would do is take more time to get better background information on each of the students in the group such that I could avoid triggers that could lead to misbehavior or emotional outbursts (Poquette, n.d.). For...

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