Teaching Tolerance Will Foster Diversity Essay

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Teaching Tolerance will Foster Diversity
Cami L. Southwell
AED 200
November21, 2010
Patty Smith

Teaching Tolerance will Foster Diversity
I greatly believe that tolerance should be taught in schools around the world. With the technology seemingly creating a smaller world the diversity of the world’s society demands that tolerance be practiced. Although many believe that tolerance is a value that is contrived from the moral base of a student’s home-life. I firmly believe that even if a student comes from a less than tolerant home practicing a learned behavior while attending school can spill out into the rest of their life. I also e should follow much curriculum on teaching tolerance. ...view middle of the document...

This program has children sit with people other than their normal crowd at lunch to be able to better get to know each other. Since this program blossomed out of the original Southern Poverty Law Center’s Teacher Tolerance Program; it has spread across the country and allowed many children to reach out to their peers that they may not have the notion or even the opportunity to use their open-mindedness while they still have no prior prejudices to cloud their judgment. Such tolerance tools are great ways to begin to change the way that people look at those who not only look different, but also for those who believe differently, dress differently, or even if they are a person who is disabled (NYU Child Study Center, Dece). In 2008 a survey of the Mix It Up at Lunch Day organizers shows that the program leads to positive interactions between students of different social circles along with developing better awareness of social boundaries and divisions in the schools. Over four-fifths of those who responded to the survey stated that the students who participate in the lunch program ended up having more sensitivity toward tolerance and even more so in social justice issues (Ford & Young, Marc). Although many people believe that once a student enters school that it is too late to change the way in which they were taught to see the world from the family matrix. Well here is an example of how learned behavior can override the ideals of the morals in which their family holds. Yes; tolerance is based in the moral value system that each family has and holds dear to their individual thoughts. This is believed by the people who oppose teaching tolerance in the school; because they believe that trying to teach something that should be taught at home is going to be a fruitless endeavor. How can retraining a student’s train of thought when it is not reinforced when they are not in the school environment. If a child is at home and the family uses derogatory terms in order to describe certain people then what do you expect the child to do; as the saying goes; “A child learns what they see”. If that was a definite; then how is it that in the late 1960’s to is the early 1970’s; that children learned to accept that black children were going to be in school with them when the parents still used terribly derogatory verbiage to talk about a whole entire race. Now days it is common place for multiple races to attend schools together and it is not even given a second thought. Positive messages spread, maybe not right away, but education is the ultimate power and if students are educated with new ideas then they can pass it on to their children and so on. That is where learned behaviors can positively affect society in the near future.
Think about how society would be different if tolerance of the blacks in the same public schools as whites was never taught and then accepted; it is the same type of concept when it comes to teaching overall tolerance. If parents or...

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