Team Building Essay

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Why I became part of the team:

When I was thinking of my Master Degree, I knew I have to find a university, which has an international focus. So I was signing up for Hult International Business School. Since I want to work in an international company at some point after my graduation, getting to now all kind of people from other cultures, it is really important for my future to work with international teams.

The day I became part of my “team”:

On my first day at Hult I already knew that is exactly what I was looking for. We got separated into groups in order to get to know each other, combined with a treasure hunt. I loved, how all of us where different and had different ...view middle of the document...

I just wanted to find a way or a basis, where everybody feels confortable. Since we didn’t really know each other, it was hard to start off with topics to talk about. Working with people you don’t know at all, is a situation that I was kind of used too. Back home, at my university I had to work with teams a lot, but Teams that consisted of Austrians, sometimes Germans, which were the “Internationals”, but here at Hult international has a different meaning for me. Here a international student is from a country, which is out of Europe, because now I consider Europe as one country.

My Personality:

Since we just took all the different types of self-assessments, the followed quote probably states my personality the best way.

„Christina is both a good talker and a good listener. It is important for Christina to use her people skills to "facilitate" agreement between people. She tends to look at all the things the group has in common, rather than key in on the differences. She is good at negotiating conflict between others. Christina feels that "if everyone would just talk it out, everything would be okay!" She is people-oriented and verbally fluent. Christina tends to influence people to her way of thinking by using verbiage as compared with others who like to use reports. She is comfortable with most people and can be quite informal and relaxed with them. Even when dealing with strangers, Christina will attempt to put them at ease. She judges others by their verbal skills and warmth.“ (Milestones, Inc. 2013, Team Building report: Christina)

When I read my report, I had to laugh, because I agreed nearly on every single point. The difference between my personality and the way I think I am is marginal. My DISC results show, that I am acting normal or adapted the same. That basically states that I act the same in all different situations.

I see myself as the person, which listens and concludes, I don’t mind stating my opinion though; I like to be part of the conversation, and not just listening.

Since nobody is perfect, I do have weaknesses as well. It is just always easier to start...

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