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Team Collapse At Rwh Essay

1790 words - 8 pages

“Team Collapse at RWH”
Case Analysis

Team member: Yang Yu, Yao Xie, Yunxi Qi

Organizational Change
Professor DianeVacarra

Executive summary
The Spector audit team had difficulties to complete its work on time. In addition, RWH was under a significant pressure to solve this problem and to pull the team back to the right track. Poor decision making process, organization architectures and network problems, and weakness of managing performance and motivating were the main three reasons to cause the situation of RWH. We stated three solutions and picked the best one- Temporarily stop other team’s work, create a “privileged team”. In order to complete the work on time with this ...view middle of the document...

James Michaels was wondering why his team was suddenly dysfunctional (planning uncompleted, members quit, idleness, hard to get communication etc.) and why it did not have the same performance as last year with the same team members. In addition, Michael find out that no one realize the problem when he tries to figure out what’s going on of the team. He even cannot get communication with the team members. Moreover, the morale of this team was low, and they left about 50% of work unfinished several days before the deadline. Since Spector is the important client of RWH and it does not want lose this customer, how to get the whole team back on its way to finish the auditing on time become very necessary.

Problem Diagnosis
1. Decision-making problem
According to RWH’s team oriented culture, all the employees work as a team. However, they can work in as few as three and as many as 12 teams during the year. In RWH, everyone has his/her specific working area and all of them can make decisions by themselves. In the Spector audit team, it is hard to figure out who is actually making the decision in this team. According to Kainen (2009), his lecture notes defined this style as Autocratic 1 which means manager makes the decision alone. A good example for its failure is Emma Watson, who was hired in spring of 2008. When Ellis was writing her CA examinations, Watson was assigned to planning the engagement. Although she had years of experience in other firm, this is the first assignment which she was not familiar with at RWH (according to the ‘S’ curve, a decision maker may have a high success rate in one company and low success rate in different company). But no one argued about this decision. As a result, she left RWH because she did not like RWH’s team oriented culture and performance driven culture and made employees confused about what to do. Managers in this team concerned more about their own work than the team work.
2. Organization structure and network problems
RWH structure ‘fit’ its culture to some extent but it was too complex. One person may belong to more than 3 teams at the same time; thus no one know exactly which department he belongs to. When Ellis and her teammates realized Spector’s planning was uncompleted, no one can help because they also involved in other team works. It looks like a good excuse. In addition, the structure obstruct the collaboration and cooperation among the whole company. Employees in other teams are unwilling to help Spector auditing team to solve its problem. Furthermore, the whole system would immediately slow down when a senior manager was unable to ‘get access to’. After Ellis was fired, no one did the contacting work. Nguyen was late for the meeting and three other members—Goodman, Patel and Noth missed it because they did not check email and did not have access to company smart phone. There is no other way to help the team members have good communications. Meanwhile, when the team have the...

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