Team Creation Paper

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Team Creation Paper


February 16, 2012
Jeffrey Grogan

Team Creation Paper

A team creation involves understanding the task-at-hand and gathering individuals that will have the skills needed to succeed. At times, a team could be developed when rearranging furniture in a office or developing a new software for a company. Teams are critical in today’s business markets because of the work load on each employee. Therefore, a team is created to minimize the work load and engage the team’s brain storming techniques.
Teams are developed for temporary use in order to complete a project. For example, a team manager will evaluate the project, study the task and establish ...view middle of the document...

Members of a project must also help others understand how one part of the process is completed. For example, if a member in the financial sector of the project does not understand why it’s costing so must to complete part of the project, it’s the manufactures job to let finance understand why. Therefore, members of the project will need to first all agree on the purpose of the project, work with others on a solution and combine everyone’s ideas.
Team-building strategies
The first strategy for building a successful team project is to make sure every team member has a clear expectation on what needs to be completed. That’s why it’s important to conduct meetings with charts and tables explaining the goals to be met. The second strategy is communication among team members. The members of the team need to be aware of changes with the project from beginning to end. Now, the third strategy in building a team is conflict resolution. In order to resolve conflict among team members, there should be an understanding at the beginning of the planning process for the project. However, during the competition of the project, conflicts will arise and there will need to be team meetings and order to help each member understand their purpose in the project. Another strategy in building a team are the consequences involved with the completion of the project. Each member needs to be shown accountability with their individual part in accomplishing the end product. Finally, the achievement of the project is important in demonstrating each members overall success.
Potential areas of conflict...

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