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Team Summary Essay

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Week Four Summary
July 18, 2011
Week Four Summary
Week four continues to enhance and enforce the importance of leadership and the skills required to be an effective leader or manager. Discussions focused on more of a personal level and where in an organization leaders would be most effective. In last week's learning, comparing and contrasting structures, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of established leadership styles, and evaluating the effectiveness of substitutes for leadership were items that inspired the class discussions in week four.
Compare and Contrast Leadership Theories
There are five leadership theory approaches that are described by Yuki (2010). The ...view middle of the document...

Identifying the traits and behaviors of leaders can help identify their leadership styles. A specific leadership style can benefit a leader and his or her team, but can also have some drawbacks. It may be helpful to use a few different approaches to leadership to become more effective as a leader for the benefit of the team and organizational success. For instance, a charismatic leader will do well to inspire enthusiasm and energy within a team to achieve goals, however this leader will more likely believe in his or her own abilities more so than the team which can create a risk for the organization. Additionally, the team will become so dependent on this leader creating the positive energy to be motivated that if he or she were to leave mid-project, the team could be at risk. A participative leadership style is a great style that involves all members of the team in a decision-making process, which can increase job satisfaction and motivation. Unfortunately, the participative leadership style can become very time consuming which may limit the team’s productivity levels, but would normally increase the quality of work being produced. The relationship-oriented style is a participative leadership style, but is normally used in conjunction with the task-oriented style, which can be very autocratic. An autocratic style can create an unsatisfying situation with team members as their well being and development is not the top focus. As you can see, the varying styles can lead to different outcomes. If a leader is aware of their leadership style and the drawbacks of such style, he or she can implement proactive measures to make use of another leadership style to help minimize the weaknesses of the current style.
Evaluate the Effectiveness of Substitutes for Leadership
According to Yukl (2010),...

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