Teamwork Affects The Bottom Line Essay

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The important lesson that I learned is that team reward is essential. Leaders cannot decide to reward individuals only because one person cannot be rewarded based on team effort. Staff members should work together and not for personal interest because it is about everyone in the organization. In work setting, staff members should be motivated and rewarded as a team.
I also learned that revenue and prosperity of an organization would have impact because of leaders failure in keeping good organizational way of working by teaming and linking it with group evaluation and team bonus, payment or award.
One thing that is interesting me about this article is how staff members are working ...view middle of the document...

I did not know that great teams, working together and earning together are all linked and essential in every business function for remaining profitable.
The author has written impressive, factual and logical article based on point of view and secondary sources. He is excited about practice of team reward, which is originated since decades and still continued by leaders, managers and educators. The author made valid and strong points presented by consulting, abstracting and quoting from journal articles. He began with analytical statements and objective case in point mentioning about the relationship between great teams, group effort, team performance and team rewards for their accomplishments.
For example, “Dr. Corbett states that leader plays important role in bringing teams together and rewarding whole team depending on success such as surgical teams, and medical staffs. In addition, when sports team achieves victory due to effective teams playing together for winning then they get championship, trophy and reward”.
Another example is that “Dr. Chieh-Wen , et. al. also states that there are three teambuilding practices and they are leaders communication of objectives and goals with the teams, empowerment of teams for decision-making, team recognition and team acknowledgement”.
The author’s point of view about the leadership practices is that it should be seen by staff members to ensure success in working together with commitment from individuals towards common target and purpose.
The author presented his perception with several examples and logically illustrating information on how teams should be prepared to work together also, performance review should be based on team evaluation to ensure organizational profitability. Therefore, I started believing that a company can do better and overall performance will increase when staff members are appreciated and recognized based on collective and joint efforts.
I have been interested in knowing how to establish friendly and cooperative communication setting at work among marketing and sales team so they will not be unenthusiastic in sharing their ideas, opinions and knowledge so I can reward whole team based on achievements. The reason is that the...

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