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Teamwork And Team Decisions Essay

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Teamwork and team decisions
Mrudula Manjunath
Concordia University Wisconsin

This paper relates to changes in an organization focusing on teamwork and team decisions. I try to analyze how teamwork affects our lives and how it affects our interactions with co-workers.
“Becoming skilled at doing more with others may be the single most important thing you can do to increase your value--regardless of your level of authority” (Useem, 2006).
My previous job was with a networking company which not only sold hardware and software but specialized in the wraparound services. Therefore, they were in the transition of moving more towards ...view middle of the document...

The only way to cope with this need was by working cooperatively in an environment of respect, drawing on all the resources available to get the job done. Which is when I realized working together in an atmosphere of trust and accountability toward a common goal was the way to look ahead. We put aside trivial issues and politics, and focussed on the tasks to be done. This focus of resources overcomes barriers, helps to identify new opportunities, and builds a momentum that leads to three major bottom-line benefits: Better problem solving, greater productivity more effective use of resource (American Management Association, 2014).
In the beginning it was hard to get along and to understand each ones point of view without wanting to punch them in the face. At this stage our manager organized a socializing event. Back then, we were all somewhat tentative and did not fully understand the purpose of the various out of office events which now I can understand was the forming stage (Robbins & Judge, 2013).
Once we were given our project and set deadlines is when we faced the most difficulty. We could never seem to decide who was going to do which part without challenging one another’s capabilities. This period was a rough patch as it was filled with individual assertiveness, hidden agendas, conflict, and discomfort. There was a clear struggle for leadership. Not all of us were satisfied with the team’s performance at this stage and that was reflected with derogatory comments about the team. Then I thought we were going no were as a team and would be asked to windup due to lack of responsibility and unwillingness to step up. But now I know, it was the storming stage of group development characterized by intergroup conflict (Robbins & Judge, 2013). When we managed to get past this stage is when I actually made friends and began to enjoy working together with my colleagues as a team. As a team we began to refocus on the tasks given and to develop a team spirit. We discovered leadership may be shared among group members. Real progress toward the team’s objective was made. Which now I know was that, we going through the norming stage. We focused on group development characterized by close relationships and cohesiveness. This entire process back then took us almost 6 months but by...

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