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Tech Effect Essay

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Tech Effect

"The Internet is one of a series of aids developed over the last millennium or so that has increased the operational capacities of the average world citizen", (Stefanie Olsen, Sec. 2). With all the new technology so closely on hand, people are starting to wonder about the effects on society and the peoples true ability. The amount of technology in this new world has increased rapidly and is influencing our society by the way they think, the way they work, and by the way they interact socially.
Over time new inventions come and go; however, the invention of technology is here to stay. Initially, the use of cell phones has inflated over time. "There are now estimated to be ...view middle of the document...

Every day, you can see more and younger kids having a cell phone and all their parents have one too. Surely, Statistics show that technology usage has increased rapidly over the years.
The formation of technology creates new types of thinking that effects society; however, not all of these effects are all good or bad. To start off, all of the defects of technology have been portrayed through tests. “Working memory was more error prone, reaction time for simple learning tasks was shorter, and accuracy was poorer in children who used their phones a lot,” (Adriana Lee, Para 3). Also, “it suggests that frequent use of mobile phones makes kids impatient, more impulsive and less effective at certain cognitive activities,” (Carl Zimmer, Para 1). Subsequently, with the massive use of technology today, arguments go back and forth on whether it helps or makes society lazier. "If anything, these aids are helping my brain gather more information to get more answers right, and to see more possible associations than would otherwise be the case", (Stefanie Olsen, Sec. 2). She says that when we use technology for information and answers we are just using our resources wisely. Others say differently, “As we come to rely on computers to mediate our understanding of the world,” he wrote, “it is our own intelligence that flattens into artificial intelligence,” (Carl Zimmer, Para 1). "Over the past 20 years or so, beginning before the Internet really took hold, the standard measure of "intelligence" (cognitive ability) has risen significantly (well more than 10 points). No one really knows what to pin this on, but it is a well-documented fact," (Stefanie Olsen, Sec. 1). At last, technology is depicted as one giant change; however, some people all aren't for change and that’s why there is controversy over how to think. Some say "The Internet and iPhones seem to be crashing the gate of the mind, taking over its natural work and leaving it to wither away to a mental stump," (Carl Zimmer, Para 3). Others chip in, "Computers are forcing us to understand more and think more abstractly," (Dinah Jackson, Para 4). Every person is different on how they use technology and adapt towards it, but its society who needs to be in control of the technology change.
Some people use technology as another resource to access and complete work. To begin, with today's new knowledge there has been advancements and now workers are able to transport their work with them all the time. "There have always been workaholics, but I believe new technologies have certainly contributed too many more people taking work home ("The impact of technology on work- life balance," Para 14). With today’s cell phones and laptops, there is no reason to why people can't get their work done anywhere they possibly are. Furthermore, work is now faster, easier, and more efficient. (Technology) "creates new jobs and business opportunities, helps vulnerable populations cope with natural disasters, boosts national...

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