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Technical Writing In The Corporate Environment

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Technical and Expository Writing in the Corporate Environment
Charlotte Kappler
University of Phoenix

Technical and Expository Writing in the Corporate Environment
The technical writing style and expository writing styles are used to create a variety of documents in the corporate environment. “Although technical writing and expository writing are very similar, there are significant differences in the two styles” (Micron Technology, Inc. [Micron], 2008, ¶ 1).
“Technical writing conveys specific information about a technical subject to a specific audience for a specific purpose” (Micron 2008). Technical writing in the corporate environment may include instruction ...view middle of the document...

“Achieving audience involvement requires that you strive for personalized tone and reader benefit” (Gearson & Gearson, 2008, p. 110). Explaining the benefits to readers will help get them involved. Personalize tone can be accomplished by using pronouns, the reader’s name, and contractions (p.115).
Companies do not write to companies; people write to people. Modern technical communication is often person to person [sic]. Remember that when you write your memo, letter, report, or procedure, another person will read it, so you want to achieve a personalized tone to involve your reader. (p.110)
The easiest way to organize your document for clarity is to break text into smaller pieces information. This enables your readers to understand the overall organization of your communication. Readers are able to see which topics go together and which are different (p.239). “The words and graphics of a technical writing are meant to be practical: that is, to communicate a body of factual information that will help an audience understand a subject or carry out a task.” (Micron, 2008, ¶ 2).
The following memo (p.92) follows the technical writing style. This memo informs, instructs, and a response is expected from the readers. Technical writers assumed that the readers have knowledge of the subject matter because it is written for a particular audience.
Comparatively, “expository writing ‘exposes’ a topic analytically and objectively” (Micron, 2008). It is descriptive and detailed. The expository writing’s purpose is to expose information whether it is to inform, explain, describe, or define (J. Buckley, personal communication, December 8, 2008).
While expository writing also conveys specific information, it is not meant to elicit a response, only explain, or expound upon knowledge. For instance, an instruction manual on how to create a website is a technical writing that expects the reader to follow along and put into practice the steps outlined. However, a letter explaining company policy on attire is meant to be read and understood only. (Micron, 2008, ¶ 3)
“Expository writing appears in and is not limited to letters, newsletters, definitions, instructions, guidebooks, catalogues, newspaper articles, magazine articles, manuals, pamphlets, reports and research papers”(Corporation of Educational Technology, 2008). “The writer of an expository text cannot assume that the reader or listener has prior knowledge or prior...

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