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Technological Access To Services Essay

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Technological Access to Services
A microchip is a packaged unit that is manufactured from a material such as silicon at a very small scale. This devices are made from a program logic and for computer memory or RAM chip. Yet, microchips are also made by both logic and memory, but for special purposes such as analog to digital conversion, bit slicing, and gateways (Margaret Rouse, 2005).
Population is targeted
Microchips implants target mainly the younger people because they are always wanting to be in with the new technology and stay updated and not out dated from the rest. Even though this technology movement has been in progress in many places in the world. There are people that have microchips implanted and can control their computers with any gesture with their hands.
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The microchips are extremely small as a dime or the size of a quarter sized chips which is inserted. As Chris Long mentions, the microchip has no battery and no chemicals, in which these chips contains a certain number (Long, 2002).
There are many social benefits that supporters of human identification chips may say and that provide to society. The benefits and the possible problems that the microchips can do with people. First, there are a wide of areas that it could be implanted and it could be used, these can include medical information, elderly patients, children and sex offenders. An advantage while using a microchip in your body it can help others by identifying you. When an implanted chip is in your body it can be linked to any database which it includes your name, medical allergies, condition, and also you’re past medical history and model number. When people that are elderly and children that have this device it could be an advantage because they can be located easily and brought back home. Another advantage that benefits us is crime, which it would be reduced and that more criminals will be caught on time.
This technological device can be disadvantage also because of social cost of implanting microchips into human begins. For example one disadvantage would be the lack of uniform ways to access the chips, such as there is no precise standard on to where the chip should be located on the person. Long mentions that there could be certain ways to locate on the underarm, the persons wrist, and other areas of the body.
Client to access the technology
According to Luukanen Kilde, thirty years ago brain implants showed up in x-rays, yet implants shrunk to the size of a grain of rice. Now in days it is possible to inject it to newborns with a microchip which could function to identify the person for the rest of their lives. Yet human beings can be followed anywhere now with this technology.

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