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Technological Advancements: Switching To E Books Essay

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Teachers and principals think switching to e-books will be a major step in modernizing the city's schools (Lowinger 2). E-books are an online version of a normal standard textbook. Some schools are switching to e-books because the world is becoming more involved with technology. Technology is becoming more and more advanced these days. Adults think it is important to teach teenagers how to work with the new technology (Springen 2). Technology has come a long way since textbooks came out. Textbooks have developed throughout the years and now they are able to be on electronic devices. Reading e-books does not have to be at a computer. Almost all devices used for school can have online books ...view middle of the document...

Schools getting students e-books can help save schools money. Buying thousands of e-books rather than thousands of textbooks can save tons of money (Lowinger 1-2). Schools want to buy the less expensive but also the most reliable and informative book. When purchasing an e-book teenagers have to make sure they have the correct device to download e-books on. Even though an electronic device can be expensive, online books are still the economical option (McNeil 1). Most students in college want to save as much money as possible. College students can save money by purchasing e-books. Online textbooks are often less expensive than print textbooks. E-books are available for rent, also they can be resold to other students (Piels 1). Kids are known to be more careful with technology rather than their textbooks. Teens are careless when using textbooks for school. Teenagers throw their textbooks on the floor or in their locker which can ruin the textbook. Technology is more important than a book to kids; therefore, the technology has a better chance of not being damaged (“Using…” 1). Teenagers are likely to be more careful with an electronic device because they use them more often and use their device for more than school work. Print textbooks often need to be replaced because of damage or it is lost. Standard textbooks can be an expensive cost for parents or students to pay. E-books can be replaced easier and cost less (“Using…” 3). E-books are usually less expensive than regular textbooks.
Print books can be heavy and hard to carry throughout a student’s school. Textbooks can be a substantial amount of weight to carry if teens have multiple books to carry at once. With e-books a students would only have to carry one device with many e-books stored on the device (McNeil 1). With only one device instead of multiple textbooks, students do not have the stress about all the weight they have to carry. Although some textbooks can be small and do not weigh a lot, many textbooks together can add up in weight. The average weight of the textbooks of the four core subject; math, science, language arts, and social studies, can average somewhere from 8-20 pounds (“Using…” 1). Teenagers who have to carry the average of 20 pounds between classes and throughout a campus or school can become tired and worn out. Teens want to have a break in between classes and not have to carry around 20 pounds worth of books. Students always complain about how heavy their textbooks are. With e-books teens only have to carry one simple device with multiple of their books stored on it (Piels 1). An online device can have many e-books stored, instead of carrying multiple books.
E-books contain many more features than an ordinary textbook. Online textbooks contain the same content and layout as an ordinary textbook would contain (Piels 1). E-books are not any different from textbooks other than they are online and may have more features. E-books have different formats to read the print....

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