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Technological Evolution: Our Social World Evolving With Technology

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Technological Evolution: Our Social World Evolving with Technology
As our technology advances, are we are becoming more or less social? To what level does social and psychological factors are inflicted on an individual? Moreover I propose the consideration that technology may drive us, for lack of a better word, stupid. I scrutinize this inquiry to myself every time I see somebody using a social networking website (such as Facebook not to mention Twitter), or when somebody is ceaselessly texting their friends and/or family on their cellular phone. I will not lie, I use these services myself. Adhering to the availability to reach a friend who has moved to the opposite side of the country or ...view middle of the document...

The adage “word of mouth” can still apply when dispensing the news subject on a social networking website of the sharer’s choice; having it mentioned in one of your notes will likely gain interest, particularly if the subject adheres to them. Overall, social networking websites are more beneficial than a waste of time. The sheer number of users, “more than seven hundred and fifty million active users” according to a Facebook Company Press Release of Statistics 2, shows the effectiveness of interacting with others on the world wide net. I have come to the conclusion that social media websites have enhanced communication with relationships of long distances.
Texting, borne via telephone, has been becoming more popular than actual conversation. A professor from Rutgers University, Doctor James E. Katz, who specializes in communication, mentions that writing is a more effective method of speaking rather than actual conversation. Katz also reminds us that, “the telegraph - which is a form of texting - was killed by the telephone, and now texting is killing the phone call." 3 In the same article, Jessica Bennett (senior writer for Newsweek Magazine), explains that texting is a polished method of communicating, especially on the job. The benefit of sending information to large amounts of people cuts down on the amount of time that it would take otherwise, boosting productivity. In addition, the awkwardness of speaking to somebody is eliminated, avoiding uncomfortable situations, especially dissidence. The complications to texting however, alter every day behavior. Using text omits the ability to grasp slights of speech like irony or sarcasm despite the use of emoticons. The spelling and slang of the English language has also been reshaped by texting due to the number of characters that can be used in a message. The use of abbreviations has exploded and expanded into even commonplace life. Instead of reacting by saying, “Oh my God!” younger people just say OMG. Is it slang or just laziness? The answer is and will likely be a heated debate discussion in the years ahead.
And finally, we arrive to the final question of our reliance of information on the web. This is a subject that is very disputed by many in the technology field. “Research that once required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes,” 4 notes Nicholas Carr, author of the article Is Google Making Us Stupid? for The Atlantic. Carr continues this idea by...

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