Technology Article Review

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Technology Article Review
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Technology Article Review

Technology is quickly changing everyday and everywhere. Years ago, if you had a question you either had to research it in the encyclopedia or talk to someone who knew the answer to the question. Today the answer to any question you have in the palm of your hands. Technological advancements are great and important, especially in the healthcare system. All the advancements that have been developed have been extremely important in diagnosing health issues and being able to cure, help, or prevent other health issues.
We live in a world where everyone has a smartphone or tablet. The ...view middle of the document...

This article discusses the many uses one can use technology to their advantage. Many people don't like having to the to the emergency room for something they could have easily taken care of at home. Its a waste of time and money on both ends for the patient having to come in and the the medical personnel attending the patient. Since everyone is connected to wireless now, medical apps would record what is going on and send it to your clinician and then the clinician would send a text or email letting you know whether or not your condition or issues requires you to come into the facility at all.
The article appealed to me because of the changes going on in our world and its happening so quickly whether we like it or not. Since everything is so easy to find the answers to, why not use to to our benefit to help us better understand and be able to self diagnose the easy things that do not require us waiting in the emergency room for six hours just to see a doctor for a few minutes and be...

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