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Technology Essays

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International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Volume 2, Issue 12, December 2012 ISSN 2250-3153


Technological Advancement and Changing Paradigm of Organizational Communication
Dr. Jyoti Sheoran
Asstt. Professor in English, Govt. College, Barwala, Hisar

Abstract- The development and advancement in technology has significantly improved our lifestyle. Technology has made its impact on nearly all the dimensions of life including ways of communication. Advancement in the field of communication has made remarkable improvement, starting from the symbol style of communication to the latest digital mobile equipments and computers. Communication itself has not changed, ...view middle of the document...

The time of slow business communication and snail mail at work place has gone and importance of prompt business communication at work place has become profound. This is the digital era of blended technologies of information generation and computer sciences, where message travels by using the vehicle of electromagnetic radiations with the speed of electric current. Smart android based phones of third and fourth generation have provided the facility to businessmen to check their emails anywhere at any time, audio-visually in couple or group by conferencing on the phone and also sending text to each other at any time. Business communication can be classified as internal and external communications. Internal communication is the interaction with in the people of same company to communicate and interact with each other. Business conduction in huge size multi-national companies is possible with the help of large scale


manpower using rigorous communication. And this involves the passing of commands; orders; instructions; preparing and presentation of reports, conveying complaints, brain-storming and discussion about business issues, strategies and decisions, receiving customer’s need, controlling of production of goods and services and motivating employees. Management of all these business activities is important and crucial for the smooth and successful running of business. So implementation of latest and modern technologies for business communication is must (Schramm, W., 1954). External communication is the interaction with the stakeholders of business existing in the external environment of business. This type of communication involves interaction with suppliers, creditors, financiers, vendors, clients, customers. Interaction with all these stakeholders of business needs effective and proper lines of communication and these interactions need a concentrated effort from various units of the organization, and this can only be accomplished and managed through proper means of business communication. The importance of business communication in modern-day business and organizations must not be ignored and undervalued, since communication is considered as the life blood of any business. Present descriptive study will discuss the chronological development of business communication in the modern organizations.

II. CHRONOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT OF COMMUNICATION IN HISTORY Majority of animals have a system of communication, but human beings are the one who have a well developed communication system which is based upon the unique style of spoken language (Baluska, F.; Marcuso, S.; Volkmann, D. 2006). Man’s life has become very complex because of penetration of technology in all walks of his life and management of such a life is possible by effective communication only. Communication helps to inform, motivate, control, share, establish authority and express emotions (Berlo, D. K., 1960). For humans in particular, communication is also essential for...

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