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Technology In Insidious Essay

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Evaluate how new technologies have been used in the products in your cross media study?
With the print poster the media producers have used certain technical codes to engage with the specific audience. The media producer has also used enigma codes to create different readings and interpretations for the narrative to gain more attention towards the print. The print engages with the audience by using classic technical codes to fit within the supernatural/ horror element. Using these codes and conventions therefore interests and persuades the target audience to watch the production and sell the film. Enigma codes are used in the mise en scene to make the audience identify and therefore engage ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore it creates enigma/ questions for the audience because they are placed in the centre of his eyes, making the main focus on the boy.
Colour codes engage with the audience because it creates questions for them. The colour codes are used to create a dismal and unwelcoming atmosphere. The colours engage with the audience because the targeted audience can identify the emotions that fit within the genre. A vulnerable character has been used for the main part of the text. The media producers may have chosen to do this because it represents and fits into the genre in a strong way. Children are often used to be interchangeable (innocent to fearful). The audience can identify this as by the boy’s stiff body language and lifeless facial expressions, which creates uncertainty for the boy. The direct mode of address makes the audience engage with the boy because it feels personal/ individual on their point of view. The colour codes used in the print consists with red (connoting possible violence/evil), as an audience we often associate the colour within the elements of horror. This therefore allows the targeted audience to engage with the print/film because this code has been used to identify the genre.
The print uses a traditional portrait shots to capture the films ideology and narrative. This idea of a portrait shot is to captures and build the film by allowing enough room to use technical codes in order to sell the product. Classic codes and conventions can also be identified in traditional way by the colour and written codes as media producers...

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