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Technology In The Nfl Essay

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In connection and individually, how has technology, fantasy sports and social media changed NFL fandom within 10 years?

There have been so many advances in technology that the NFL has gained the largest potential through these advances capturing the largest media audience of the biggest three team sports in USA. Technology has helped spread the popularity of the sport by making it possible for the fans to enjoy things such as the NFL draft, fantasy football, and Madden NFL video games. Sky cams, radio transmitters in the helmet’s, and stats analysis online are just some of the few things that are taken for granted. Technology today doesn’t just help the fan see more and understand more about the game but it also helps the staff of the team. The computers, tablets, and ...view middle of the document...

Technology has affected the NFL just as it has in other aspects of our lives through the internet. TV networks now offer so many different programs that you can watch at a click of a button without waiting for rerun. There are camera angles during a football game which you can choose to watch or watch all four at once. This is an example of how technology has blurred the lines between your cable box with internet capabilities and a home computer. And there will be more to come since entertainment and other linked TV programming is being developed to enhance your view. There are services such as You Tube and Hulu allow you to watch the latest sport entertainment on your computer or a TV. Mobile phones are just like mini computers such as the ipad that are very light weight and can be carried around and it’s like having a computer at your fingertip. Technology has satisfied our hunger for our sport of liking. For example, streaming online video gives the fan the best moments of their NFL choice. Whether it’s a great catch or a great defense move you can watch over and over again. Many of the best sporting moments can be relived as many times as you want. Technology has globalized the NFL and if you live abroad and enjoy a team in the NFL or just enjoy American football you can catch anywhere in the world today. It’s at your figure tip and this has helped us become better fans. The development and growth of internet has altered the way business is carried out. The web has uneven media audiences by providing another out for information. The traditional sport media constraint focused to a televised coverage prior to the internet. The use of the internet is increasing interactivity involved in sports consumption. It involves a great level of participation than traditional media.

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