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Technology: Is It Corrupting The Balance Of Life?

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Technology: Is it Corrupting The Balance of Life?
Everything has an opportunity cost, even technology. As evolution evolved so did technology, the 20th century was the beginning of the new technological era; Computers, video games, mobile phones, appliances seem to manifest throughout society. Technology follows a sovereign development, a progression that we can slow down or accelerate depending on our decisions and efforts. This brings us to the big question: To what extent can electronics be advanced without becoming too inhumane? No doubts that technology advancement has brought numerous profound advantages, for example in economy, trade, and communication. As much as we want technology ...view middle of the document...

Technology can be very beneficial and be made productive, however excessive Internet use can interfere with daily life, work, and relationships. But how much is too much? Some of you might rely heavily on computer and internet because of work, school projects, keeping in touch with your family, you name it. Spending too much time on the internet only becomes a problem when you start to neglect and procrastinate your priorities (school/work) and other important things in your life. It’s a problem if you prefer to socialize through the internet instead of meeting other people in real life. It’s a problem if you spend almost 24 hours of your day in front of your computer.

An article on addresses a topic on internet addiction. Van Cleave, an accomplished writer and college professor lapsed in the case of internet addiction which leads to him losing his friends, and was barely able to save his marriage. "A beer a day becomes a case a day," Van Cleave says as he likens his addiction to alcoholism. "You can't stop, no matter how much you want to,” he adds. This brings us back to the question, why do people spend so much time on their computers and avoid socializing in real life? First, that frightened feeling of missing something cool. Of course, everyone, adolescents to be specific, will always want to be updated with the news happening around them. They don’t want to feel left out; they just can’t help thinking “is there something cooler around me that’s happening?”. Secondly, in this contemporary society, it has become socially acceptable to keep on checking your phones because everyone is also doing the same thing. That is why everyone does it even more. In most cases, when someone is at a party, they interact more with their smartphones rather than communicating verbally with the people around them. It is used as a safety hazard or a safety place for them to avoid awkward conversations with people around them. Sherry Turkle, director of MIT’s Initiative on Technology and Self and author of Alone Together, has spent years studying the psychological effects of texting on teens. “Kids have told me that they almost don’t know what they are feeling until they put it in a text.” Indeed, putting down your feelings in words may be easier and more descriptive and detailed which is why there are a lot of people who blogs instead of vlogs (video-blogs). Yes, blogging can result in good skills of non-verbal communication. However, we must not abandon the importance of verbal communication as real life = accept no substitutes. There are various reasons why we’ve become digital slave in which it will take days to list them down.

Sometimes it seems that we all exist in a virtual world where knowledge is conducted in pixels and gigabytes, music is not played but streamed, and the only games we play include crushing candies and contentious birds. Technology is a marvelous thing, unfortunately it comes with a great deal of disadvantage. These...

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