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Technology Is Revolutionizing The Way Students Learn. But Not Everyone Believes These Changes Are Positive. Do You Believe Technology Is Having A Beneficial Effect On Education? Why/Why Not?

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Although there is some schools do not use computers to teach students in their school, the number of school using computers is increasing very fast into the whole world. In some schools, they are not using the white, or black board to teach the students, they recently started to use electronic board, which could be erased very quickly without any mess. Using technologies in school needs a lot of money to change everything. As the technologies develop, there are no way not using technologies at school, it would not affect to get educations. It could be a good idea to learn the technologies to able to use it better as you get older. I strongly agree that technology revolutionizing the way students learn could give positive impact in learning at school, students can learn technologies ...view middle of the document...

In my school, we use lots of technologies to learn, we have to bring our computers to have our work done in classes. Teachers are good at technology in our school, and there are place called IT that helps us with our computers. I had one person who did not know anything about computers, but when he came to our school, he understood better about computers. When he went to the university, he chose to do computer science as his major. It is better to learn technologies at school, and teach students to have an idea to use computers.

Secondly, the school would not have any mess if they use technologies at school, and they would have easier classes. If there are messes around school, students will get diseases easily, so using technologies does not make any mess, you just need to use computer to work at school. Computer lets you erase things very easily, but using erasers make lots of mess on the ground. In my old school, I had one friend who liked to eat erasers, and pens, his parents were worried about this and moved him to a school, which uses computers to get educations. He didn’t chew erasers, and pen after using computers in class, because he would not see these things at school. So using technologies at school will make classes easier and not make any messes around school.

At last, school system could be developing, and many people can easily access at home. If you don’t know what grade you got for your schoolwork, you could just access at home by going into school site. In my school, the technology system has developed a lot, so parents and I would go into the school website and check my grades.

In conclusion, using technologies in class will give positive impact on students learning. They would not need to think about bringing pencil cases to school, they just need to bring computers to school.

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