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Technology Makes Life Better Essay

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Technology Makes Life Better
This is the first generation to grow up digital, coming of age in a world where computers, the Internet, video games, and cell phones are common, and where expressing themselves through these tools is the norm. According to BBC News, “How the internet is changing language.”( Klenman Zoe). Technology has bought several changes in our lifestyle. Technology does not impact desire of reading but actually enhances it as people read almost everything online especially with the concept of "Go Green". Technology helps the American language to expand because with technology reading becomes more interactive. Last but not the least, technology is challenging and ...view middle of the document...

English Language Teaching (ELT) has been with us for many years and its significance continues to grow, fuelled, partially at least, by the Internet. The Internet (of which CMC forms a major aspect) is changing language partly because it gives rise to a new vocabulary, but more importantly because the medium and its users drive the language in certain directions  The following verbs are just one illustration of the influences on vocabulary, they all either meant different things, or did not exist, only a few year ago; to email, text, boot, chat, surf, bookmark, e-shop, Google, etc. More fundamentally, the Internet is changing language, and 'Net-speak' and 'Netiquette' are emerging. The former refers to a language variant, the latter to the conventions which surround its use. Technology has improved tremendously over past decade. As a result of this English is expanding many foreign exchange students from other countries use technology like TVs, computers, etc so they learn that language and also a multimedia reading program that helps students develop English fluency, is one of the programs they use in the lab. Online tools and other technologies help students’ perfect basic language skills they can later apply in authentic...

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