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Technology Plan
ABC School

[Insert Picture or Motto]

Creation date

Executive Summary
[Begin with a summary of your technology plan. Be sure to highlight key areas of the plan including goals, vision, needs, priorities, and most importantly, solutions. Provide how the school will ensure the effective use of technology to promote parental involvement and increase communication with parents, including a description of how parents will be informed of the technology being applied in their child’s education so that the parents are able to reinforce at home the instruction their child receives at school. This summary tells the reader how you will use technology to achieve agency ...view middle of the document...


Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Goal 4
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Student Technology Literacy Skills
[The plan must have clear goals and a specific implementation plan detailing how students will acquire technology and information literacy skills adopted in the Combined Curriculum Standards. The plan must also have a specific implementation plan detailing how students will become technology literate by the end of the 8th grade and technology proficient by graduation. An Indicator is something observed or calculated to show presence or state of condition, an instrument or gauge that measures something and registers that measurement. An indicator may be PD attendance, may be student work showing 21st Century skills, a teacher’s lesson plan showing technology integration, etc. Use format shown below. Insert additional goals as necessary.]

Link to the Program of Studies and the Kentucky Core Academic Standards:

Goal 1
[Insert goal here.]
Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Goal 2
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Integration of Technology into Curricula and Instruction
[The plan must identify and promote curricula and teaching strategies that integrate technology effectively into curricula and instruction leading to improved student academic achievement. The plan must provide a timeline for the integration of technology, including software and other electronically delivered learning materials, into the curricula and instruction. Provide a description of development and utilization of innovative strategies for the delivery of specialized or rigorous academic courses and curricula through the use of technology, including distance learning technologies. An Indicator is something observed or calculated to show presence or state of condition, an instrument or gauge that measures something and registers that measurement. An indicator may be PD attendance, may be student work showing 21st Century skills, a teacher’s lesson plan showing technology integration, etc. Use format shown below. Insert additional goals as necessary.]
Goal 1
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Projects/Activities

Goal 2
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Staff Training/ Professional Development Goals
[The plan must have a professional...

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