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Technology Vs. Teachers Essay

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Crossley 1
Monica Crossley
Honors English 9
30 April 2012

Teacher vs. Technology
As time passed, society gets more dependent for technology. About ninety eight percent of public schools have technology. Teachers now start to worry if they will have jobs in the future. Schools are dependent on technology, but that comes with disadvantages. With pricing, economy, distractions, and the social aspect. Technology has also affected humans in classroom education. Since technology has been introduced as a medium for teaching back in 1900s, it has gradually replaced the human teachers and now students mostly rely on computers, television and other electronic mediums. Although these technologies brings certain benefits in the classroom, it causes some students to be distracted and unmotivated to learn at school because they ...view middle of the document...

By having teachers, they set examples on correct behavior, and speaking skills. Technologies in schools do not allow immediate feedback, just for a simple question could be difficult to find the answer. Having a teacher helps inspire kids in each way, letting them have an open mind and diversity. There is a simple conclusion for phenomenon more face to face interaction will help with kids social skills. You use social skills every day. “Social skills are the ultimate determining factor in the child’s future success, happiness and acceptance,” Lavoie writes in his book, It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend. “The research here is overwhelming. The adult success of the person with learning disabilities is largely dependent upon his social-emotional relationship skills—not his academic skills.” You need them for jobs, school, or even a walk in the park. Teachers can help with discipline. Simply teaching them right from wrong. It is important to show either expectance or disproval. Thriving for students to be the best they can. By simply smiles, laughs, greets others, extends invitations, converses, shares, and gives compliments.
Technology is more costly than teacher’s salary. Schools spend millions on the latest technology as they cut budgets, and lay off teachers. An average teachers salary is around forty
Crossley 3

thousand, but schools fund around one million dollars in repairs, new products, updates, and Webcam teachers. Technology is always improving; with the economy schools cannot afford buying the latest and greatest technology each year. A solution for funding for new technology is raise taxes in the community. This will have a big effect on the people with less money. Not having to worry about new technology and where to get the money from, schools should worry about replacing old text books, better and healthier school lunches, and more options for classes. Putting their money to a more beneficial source.

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