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Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber Essay

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Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber

Over the years, there have been many criminals who have eluded the authorities, but very few have been able to avoid them for as long as the infamous Unabomber did. For 17 years the Unabomer was able to reek his havoc without getting caught.

In 1978, the Unabomber started sending his bombs. Only after 17 years of searching, was the Unabomber caught and charged for his crimes. Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski was arrested in April of 1996 after the investigators searched his tiny 10x12 foot cabin in the woods of Lincoln, Montana. Ted built the cabin in 1971 and lived there by himself, with his closest neighbor being 1/4 of a mile away. The cabin had no running ...view middle of the document...

In 1971, Ted's parents woke up to find Ted gone and only a note thanking them for letting him stay with them. The note was so short and to the point that his father thought that it he was going to commit suicide.

Ted's life was far from over. It was in his cabin that authorities believed he built dozens of bombs. Soon, Ted Kaczynski would be known by the media as the Unabomber and would refer to himself as F.C.. The first bombs that were sent by the Unabomber were aimed at universities and airlines. For this reason, the FBI file for this case was named UNABOM and so the Unabomber was born. The first bomb arrived in 1978 and from that time until 1995 there were 15 more. The Unabomber's bombs did not kill anyone until 1985 when Sacramento business owner, Hugh Scrutton died as a result of one of his bombs. Nine years later, New Jersey advertising executive Thomas Mosser was also killed by a bomb from the Unabomber. In 1995, California Timber lobbyist, Gilbert Murray was the final one to be attacked and killed by Ted. Throughout the 17 years, the Unabomber also managed to severely injure 23 others.

In September, 1995 the Unabomber (or F.C.,) went public. The New York Times and the Washington Post, published his 35,000 word manifesto. It was in this manifesto where the Unabomber explains his thoughts on the industrial revolution and how he believed his attacks were necessary. In April 1996, the Unabomber's brother, David Kaczynski came forward and told the authorities that he suspected his brother, Ted. After reading the Unabomber's manifesto, David notice similarities in wording that his brother, had used in letters to him. In the same month, Theodore Kaczynski was arrested. David was given a one million dollar reward for turning his brother in, with which he said he was going to try to ease the grief of the...

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