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Teen Abortion Essay

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Adolescent abortion by Yvette R. Harris; Society August 1997 For teenagers facing abortion, it is a psychological, social, and philosophical dilemma that must be encountered. After the Roe v Wade case in which the court decided that a woman should have the right to choose, limited abortion rights were granted to minors. As a result, numerous states enacted various forms of parental notification and consent laws. In most states, the law requires that parents of teenagers provide written approval of the minor's decision to terminate her pregnancy, or that they be notified by a physician. An on going debate has continued regarding the notification of parents on abortion. Many psychologists ...view middle of the document...

Committee approves bill requiring girls to notify parents before an abortion by Mark Silva; Tribune News Service April 1999 Statistics show that in the United States abortion is committed by many teenage mothers. A bill was passed requiring a teenage girl to notify her parents before having an abortion. The problem the bill faces is that there is a Privacy Amendment in the Constitution that broadly protects women's rights to choose abortion. Sponsors of the bill argue the fact that in any other surgical procedure, other than an emergency, doctors are required to notify the parents before they do surgery. However, in many economically and education deprived sections of the US, many teenagers are living in potentially violent families- or a father who might even be responsible for his daughter's pregnancy. In a case like that, the father may be so enraged about a daughter's decision to have an abortion he may physically and sexually assault the teenager and thus psychologically damaging the teen for life.For some teens, abortion as a means of coping can become a stressor-Anne Speckhard By many teens, abortion is used as a coping mechanism for adolescents who are not ready for parenthood. However, abortion for some teens can be the very thing that causes stress. Over 20 percent of teens who have an abortion have posttraumatic responses, including depression. This is because a teen who becomes pregnant will form a strong attachment to the fetus. This causes many problems because it causes a grief reaction that is difficult to overcome. Teenagers who were traumatized by their abortion experience often say they felt forced to have an abortion and that the experience was tremendously filled with emotion. The posttraumatic response to an abortion is not dissimilar to any other traumatic event like a car accident or the witness of a death. The teenager will have flashbacks of feelings of attachment to the child and often return to the place of the abortion, and even deny that the abortion even took place. In many cases, some adolescents will resort to drugs and alcohol to escape the flashbacks and be able to sleep. Also, many of the teenagers who do have an abortion many times come back pregnant again and have another abortion. Many girls fear punishment from g-d and the negative reaction to abortion may not be met with much comfort.My Reactions and Feelings The topic of Teenage Abortion is very controversial and there are many questions surrounding the moral and legal aspects of it. Although I will be expressing my ideas and emotions on both sides, I will like to first give you my view on it. I believe that abortion is wrong. In only some cases, that I will get into later, I believe that abortion is ok.Adolescent Abortion In this article, the debate is whether or not parents should be notified in the case that a teenager wants to have an abortion. I believe that in many cases notifying the parents of their daughter's abortion is pointless. My thought is...

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