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Teen Driving In Japan Essay

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Japan Driving Age
Team B
September 17, 2012
Instructor Barbara Schmauder

Japan Driving Age
The United States of America isn’t the only country who experiences problems with young drivers. Traffic crashes are the single greatest killer of 15-24 year-old in OECD countries, like Japan. Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) According to the YOUNG DRIVERS The Road to Safety 2006. The legal driving age in Japan is age 18. The minimum driving age should be 20 in Japan because, among other reasons, they have access to more public transportation.

Twenty is the age of adulthood in Japan in which a person can legally vote, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and can no longer be spared the death penalty. In the U.S. adulthood is considered 18 which is appropriate considering the less intricate transportation systems.

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Also, In Japanese culture it is perfectly acceptable for grown children to live with their parents if they are single, and in many cases even if they are married.

Japanese parents tend to give their older children space to live independently and do not intervene in their private lives even when they are living with their parents. Another reason extend the privilege to drive is that today’s Japanese teens have a reputation of being lazy and lacking traditional Japanese work ethics. By extending the age, it gives them more time to be involved in the workforce, earn a living, start taking responsibility for their actions and to achieve other rights and responsibilities that come with age.

The younger a person starts unrestrictive driving; the more likely it is that he will have a fatal accident below 18 years of age. Administrations should insist the raising of licensing age for solo driving would reduce fatalities. OECD, 2006 "Japan is known for having one of the largest, most extensive mass transportation systems in the world, with stops in nearly every location---from the major cities to the most rural areas”. (Umiko) Second to the train and bus systems is the use of bicycles. Regardless of the ability to drive, Japanese citizens will have one way or another to get to work, get to school, visit a friend, go shopping along with all other freedoms that driving offers. Young adults will still learn the importance of getting to work on time and not have to rely on their parents for a mode of transportation. It will also give them time to grow and mature and lower the statistics while also erasing the stigma of a lazy generation.


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