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Teen Fashions Essay

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To wear the right clothes, it is so important to teenagers because when in school, or in public, people around them tend to judge them by the way they are dressed, eve though their personalities might be totally different from the image that is output through the way they dress. In high school specially, wearing the right clothes is important because that is what determines which kind of group you belong in, when wearing the big brand named clothes you would go into one group of people and when wearing other ripped up, or Wal-Mart brand named clothes you might belong in another type of group. Therefore to the teens of this century, wearing the right clothes chooses where ...view middle of the document...

Who decides what clothes teenagers should wear? The answer would be media. Whenever a famous celebrity or a famous person wears or describes something is very good, a lot of people without tampering around, decide that, that is the new trend. When that happens, one person might wear or have the thing on TV and that would get attention and start to influence a lot of other people into getting the same thing.The type of style I like is big, rapper like looks, the reason I like this style is because I like to portrait the looks of my favorite music artists. Another reason I like the looks of this is because of TV, whenever I see people dressed the way I am, they are always the ones with cash and cars. The people who are rich and have a good life, I also liked the way that it portrays me as a bigger person.Mom, my clothes are all too old and last month’s style, everybody in my school has now changed to a better and more fancy clothing. It’s called the pants of gold, it is so cool and I want it mom, they are so soft and the best part is they are gold colored. Mom, please I have to have it, it is so important for me to have it, if not the whole school will laugh at me and I won’t be able to show my face again. Mom you have to buy me this pants. I need it mom, I need it, if I don’t have it by tomorrow, my school and my friends will laugh at me and I want to be part of their groups. I need those pants. The other students will start to judge me differently and I won’t have the same popularity level as before.

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