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Teenage pregnancy – an old problem in the US, a new issue in China
Wang Yannan
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October 3, 2006
Teenage pregnancy has been a serious social problem all over the world these years. This paper discusses the teenage pregnancy rates in both the US and China. It briefly talks about the situation of teenage pregnancy in both countries. Two points are being argued: the rate of teenage pregnancy rate has declined in the US, but it remains very high; and the rate of teenage pregnancy is on the rise in China. Analysis of why the rate declines but remains high in the US and why it rises in China is also given in the paper. It is followed ...view middle of the document...

What is teenage pregnancy?
“Teenagers” is a very diverse social group. Their beliefs, attitudes and behaviors differ from each other due to different education, experiences and social backgrounds. As teenager, young people have great curiosity about mysteries in life, especially the sensitive topic – sex. Without proper education and guidance, it will be easy for them to get delusory. Thus, it may lead to unintended results, like teenage pregnancy. Teenage pregnancy occurs when a female has reached puberty and is 19 years old or younger become pregnant (Martin, 1999, para. 1). The vulnerable young people are usually those who leave in deprived areas, who are offenders or who are homeless.
What may cause teenage pregnancy? It is often a result of having sexual intercourse without contraceptive use. Teenage pregnancy is always associated with poor education achievement, lack of sexual health knowledge and responsibility, social deprivation and family’s negative influence.
Teenage pregnancy can bring a lot of problems. First, it is bad for teenagers. Since they are not physically or mentally prepared, pregnancy may bring serious health risks to them. In addition, most teen moms can not finish their high school or higher education since they have to take care of their babies. Moreover, statistics show that 81% of births among teens are unmarried (Endersbe, 2000a, p. 40). This indicates that most teen moms will have to suffer single parenthood. It will be very difficult for them to raise their children, because they do not know enough about parenting and they may have financial problems since they can not easily find a job. Second, it is bad for the baby. Most babies born by teenagers can not get good parental care. They may even be abused. Researches also show that children with adolescent often have poor school performances and some of them suffer form discrimination. Third, it is bad for our society because it brings other critical issues, such as poverty and lower education achievement.

What’s the situation in the US?
Teenage pregnancy in the US has always been a serious problem and is considered linked to other social issues. In order to prevent the situation from becoming worse, governments has carried out many measures including setting up organizations to reduce the rate of teenage pregnancy, propagandizing knowledge and skills about sex, encouraging communications between parents and teenagers, requiring better sexuality education in school, disseminating contraceptive use, setting up communities that give pregnant teenagers guidance and help and building up services related to pregnancy and STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) prevention. Due to the diversiform programs the US government has taken out in preventing teenage pregnancy, the rate of teenage pregnancy has declined during the past 10 years. We can see sharp decreases in the teenage pregnancy rate among those who ever has sexual intercourse. From 1990...

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