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Teens And Sex Abortion And Teenagers

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Abortion And Teenagers

Throughout the semester, I have been researching information concerning abortion. Many people are totally against abortion, while others feel that there is nothing wrong with it. Some say that even if the fetus is one week or 45 weeks old it is still considered murder. Where do we draw a line? It is obvious that there will never be a right or wrong answer. Every women should have the right to do what she wants. Whether it is abortion or not. Some say that even contraception is wrong. Martin Luther called contraception homicide. One man said that who ever uses contraceptives would lose their souls. This does relate to abortion because if a couple only has sex just ...view middle of the document...

Many pregnant teens avoid having an abortion, but then turn to adoption. It is estimated that approximately 3% of pregnant adolescents will place their infant for adoption. Some authors say that increasing the difficulty of having an abortion will have an effect on adoptions. They argue that pregnant adolescents will turn to adoptions instead, but then again the reason that there is such a low adoption rate is because of the legalization of abortions in the United States. According to a national survey data for 1986 and 1987, there are approximately 50, 000 unrelated adoptions per year in the United States. Of that 50, 000 adoptions, one half involved an infant.

If states choose to toughen the laws on abortion, then teens will most likely turn to illegal abortions. Teenagers are more prone to seek illegal abortions than are older women because they try to disguise or deny their pregnancy until they are in the second or third trimester, which means it is not legally available. Illegal abortions are almost always performed by someone who has been poorly trained. The result is not very well either. Illegal abortions usually have many complications such as: excessive bleeding, infection, and damage to the reproductive organs. This also means a higher death rate as opposed to legal abortions.

After going through with the abortion, some teens have a negative psychological outcome. The abortion experience may be stressful and the teen may feel guilt and depression. Some psychologist say that it may be more difficult for teenagers than for adult women to have an abortion. Adolescents are more likely to use immature defenses such as s protection, denial, or "acting out" their conflicts. Research shows that teens may undergo behavioral difficulties both before and after the procedure.

There has been a great debate concerning Norplant versus abortion. Norplant, which is known as the implantable contraceptive, has definitely stirred a debate. Some say that it will reduce the number of abortions, while others say it will increase sexual activity among teenagers. Some oppose the idea arguing that "the only proper way to reduce teen pregnancy is to promote abstinence". Opposers of Norplant add that this would lead some already sexually active teens to have more sex. They conclude by saying that the when the "pill" was introduced, it put a rise to sexual activity and now they are introducing Norplant. Norplant would not only increase sexual activity, but it would put a rise to sexually transmitted diseases....

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