Teens And Unprotected Sex Essay

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Countering the Culture of Sex
Debra Sievers
DeVry University

Countering the Culture of Sex

At the age of 19 years old, she has a crying baby and lives in an apartment, struggling to make the bills. One evening some girlfriends call and see if she would like to go out, she tells her best friend she cannot go on a girl’s night out because she cannot afford a babysitter. Being a single mother, she has no one to help. She ask herself, how did this happen? That one night of passion, was it worth it. Sure, it felt great when she did it, and she trusted the person she was with that one night. That does not always mean that it is the right thing to do. Well everyone is doing it! Like ...view middle of the document...

Not everyone has the means to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and diseases. Illiteracy is another reason that unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases may thrive in certain parts of the world.
Unsurprisingly, illiteracy rates are high in overpopulated regions. Poverty is usually a significant cause of illiteracy in developing regions: children kept from school or forced to drop out in order to help support their families. “Without the benefit of even a high school education, which almost certainly includes sex education in most countries, such children grow up into adults who procreate irresponsibly and without thought” (Sylvester, 2013). Some high schools today have never shown a sex education video. By having protected or unprotected sex will alter their life dramatically. Why take the risk when a condom can break, it even says so on the box…. Starting more commercials in the world could help with some of the unplanned pregnancies. The media is saying add some real stories about people’s lives, and not saying put ‘Trojan Man’ on TV more. Let us put some of real life into ‘reality’ TV.
Finally, media expectations are the worst offender in this regard. Today our society is so much different than it used to be. “Entertainment executives like to say, on the one hand, that they are just reflecting reality and, on the other hand, that they’re in the business of fantasy” (DeMauro, 2013). Society needs to stop sugarcoating the advertisements of sex and needs more reality. Teenagers are having sex at a younger age today because of entertainment. Not knowing of all the consequences, teenagers do not think before they act. ‘Condom’s break once in a million’…a friend once said. It is not true at all. We need to realize that.
Madonna’s song from the 80’s “Papa Don’t Preach,” is a ’paean to teenage motherhood’ (Bender, p. 24). This song relates to real situations. Music and media can influence teenagers. Madonna’s lyrics to the song, “The one you warned me all about, the one you said I could do without, we're in an awful mess, and I don't mean maybe – please,” should make teenagers think about the things that can happen. Teenagers should listen to their parent(s) instead of music and the media about the problems that unprotected sex can cause... The media blamed by this generation for unplanned pregnancies is happening in these relationships. There are so many slogans in the media that advertise sex in a round-about way such as…’Just Do It’ –the well-known Nike slogan. Today’s generation turns to music as solitude. They go to it to understand life. It seems there is not enough to do to prevent and advertise preventing unprotected sex. Music and TV can be very convincing to this generation.
With all the TV shows,...

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