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Tele Sell Essay

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2. Difficulties encounter in new position
Lack of leadership, especially when it comes to making design decisions, is certainly a problem. Having good leadership to help push good design practices such, as user research is definitely good. Good communication to imperative that in managing the employees, manager has a clear understanding of what their jobs entail. Also, clearly communicated the roles and responsibilities of each team member and where they fit in with the organizations goals. leaders have to pay even more attention to the values and culture of their organization. When the environment is changing rapidly and resources are scarce, people feel less valuable, less knowledgeable, ...view middle of the document...

It can destroy team consciousness and reduce the whole team sales amounts.


Sales manger not only consider on sales ammounts. Products establishment and deveoplment also part of the job. Seek which products can extend the company business and provide diversification products for salespeople find new customers. If fail to products establishment, it may lose a lot of money for company. Once, success for products establishment, sales manager need to keep develop the product and don’t let the product decline.

In conclusion sales manger needs to provide a good communication, good atmosphere, well organize for the salespeople. The major difficult of sales manager is how to decode the massage from boss to salespeople, keep the sales force in well state and establish the new products for salespeople to increase the company profit.

Sales Management: Analysis and Decision Marking
Thomas N, Ingram, Raymond W
(Accessed 2004)

3. Telemarketing in sales
Telemarketing is the process of selling goods and services over the telephone. It allows salespeople to answer their prospects questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections. Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows salespeople to adjust their strategy midstream and make any changes at any time necessary to increase results. With telemarketing, they can change both their offer and audience with just one phone call. The advantages and disadvantages of telemarketing in sales thus accrue from the personal communication.


It is between buyer and seller has more impact than messages delivered through advertising media. Telemarketing also allows for better timing of messages to different customers or changing a message during sales call based on customer feedback. On the other hand, radio promotions and advertisement including billboards, newspaper and magazine ads or direct mail demand slight or no interest at all. It can be forgotten once you have heard it, read it or seen it. But telemarketing acquires an immediate answer. With this advantage, telemarketing establishes a conversation right away. Having a two-way communication is very productive. It is easier for the client to get the message or understand the product and the most important of it is that all questions can be answered promptly. It can even lead to a sale in an instant.


It is hard to reach who is the target customers. Cold calling has a very negative perception, especially in the consumer sector. It can also be a thankless task if carrying it out yourself. Some of the people may feel very annoy when they pick up the phone call and hearing about telesales and they may against this company. Also, when telemarketer make the phone call, it may disturb to their target people. such as, sleeping, meeting, working, and so on. More people are using technology to screen out unwanted callers, particularly telemarketers. If hiring an outside firm...

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