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Telecomm Products Marketing Plan Essay

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Our mission is to be the provider of high value, high quality, convergent OSS solutions to telecom operators worldwide. These scalable solutions will have unparalleled support to ensure flexibility and to meet and exceed customer expectations.
Target Markets
OSS Telecom Technology has projected two primary products in its forecast:
1. Post-paid CCB systems The total available market for CCB systems worldwide is projected to be $6.9 billion per year in 2004. The measurement of total available market is the compilation of the number of telecom operators that will replace their billing system and the number of new billing systems coming online each year. Fifty percent of all ...view middle of the document...

All GSM operators currently support IN functionality, and all other operators will certainly implement IN by the year 2005. Very few of the Tier 2 and Tier 3 prepaid solutions today are IN based. This means that the entire Tier 2 and Tier 3 operator base is a potential market for Prepaid IN over the next five years, with over 5,000 operators to be in operation by the year 2005. The average price for a Prepaid IN solution will be $1.0 million for Tier 2 and 3 operators.
OSS Telecom Technology Target Customers Within OSS Telecom Technology's stated primary and secondary markets, OSS Telecom Technology has developed a "Stepped Target Market Strategy," or STMS. This strategy is based on two key elements:
1. That telecom operators have a strong desire to purchase from a vendor with installations similar to their own, and;
2. That larger CCB vendors are moving upscale to larger operators as they gain more experience and as IT resources continue to become scarce. The primary market of this type of CCB vendors is Tier 1 operators.
OSS Telecom Technology's first installation base consists primarily of GSM operators in the range of 25,000 subscribers and under. Through a stepped strategy, OSS Telecom Technology is moving in three directions:
1. Using this install base to move up to the next band of subscribers within the GSM market;
2. Leveraging GSM wireless experience to penetrate other wireless types in the same subscriber bands;
3. Working with GSM operators to provide convergent services such as cable, Internet, and wireline, and therefore gaining experience in these disciplines.
This strategy currently puts OSS Telecom Technology in the Tier 3 (less than 100,000 subscribers) market, with each step carefully planned to be sure we do not overreach. It is key to this strategy to maintain all customers as long-term partners and referenceable sites. We want to under-commit and over-deliver in each step of this strategy. By repeating this strategy, over a five-year period OSS Telecom Technology will offer a wide variety of convergent solutions to Tier 3 and then Tier 2 (100 thousand to 1 million subscribers) telecom operators.
Geographic Market The STMS strategy has been used to develop geographic markets by first developing the geographic market closest to home and expanding as one develops experience. With a large center of excellence in Asia, this was the first market to exploit. Asia and Europe are predominately GSM. As a result, moving from Asia to Europe makes perfect sense.
Latin America is expanding the installed base of GSM systems. Therefore, OSS Telecom Technology has made its first step in Latin America and will move forward from there. In addition to Asia, the U.S. and Europe were early targets for consulting services because much of the technology and new solutions are developed in these regions.
OSS Telecom Technology's target market is focused on providing OSS solutions to both Tier 3 and Tier 2 operators worldwide. The...

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