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Televised Violence And Sex Essay

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Televised Violence and Sex: What’s so bad about them?

Even today, there still exist a significant number of scholars who deem the banning of violent contents and sexual materials on television as entirely unnecessary. I, on the contrary, believe that violence and sex should be prohibited on television for it affects children’s level of aggression, desensitizes them to violence and fear in the real world, and creates misunderstandings about women’s status and roles in society.
One effect that violent contents and sexual materials have on television viewers is their significant influence on children’s aggressive behavior. There have been several studies conducted in the search for the ...view middle of the document...

The fact that violent and sexual contents do play a part in children viewers’ total variability in aggression, and that they represent a danger of possibly honing aggressive citizens in the future should be reason enough for its presence on television to be reconsidered.
The second and equally worrisome effect of televised violence and sex is its distortion of most viewers’, especially children’s perception and sensitivity to real life violence and fear. According to Duhs and Gunton, 1988, “television is just reflecting real life”… and thus, is simply aiding viewers to understand and grasp the violent and fearful aspects of reality. This is not true, for the violent and sexual contents in the world portrayed on television are, more usually than not, many times more exaggerated than how it is in real life. Such contents do not aid viewers in understanding reality, but desensitizes them to violence, fear, and sexual promiscuity instead. In this period, when some cartoons can even show up to six incidents of violence per hour (Facts and TV Statistics, 2011), children have already become exposed to overly brutal and overly promiscuous influences from television early in life. This exposure leads to tolerance to violence and indifference to sex that increases along with their age. As they grow to have the mentality that what they see on television is what’s really happening, they develop a misperceived acceptance of fear and general brutality as only part of reality. The more the viewers expose themselves to such televising contents, the more they lose their sensitivity to real life violence and promiscuity.
The third effect and another good reason for violence and sex to be ridden off from television is its portrayal of women in the 2D world: a portrayal that creates misunderstandings of their identity in real life. Though debated as entirely not the case, gender discriminations and degradations are still continually celebrated in television. This holds true for television programs that...

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