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Term Paper

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for Results
The goals of any interior retail lighting system
are often the same: to attract and guide
customers, to help them evaluate merchandise
and to assist them in quickly and easily
completing the sale. If done correctly, lighting
has been proven to increase merchandise sales.

The Guiding Light
While lighting must attract customers to the
retail space, it must enable customers to read
signage and move throughout the store. The
quantity and quality of the illumination will
create a lasting impression and will help
customers decide whether they want to return
to the store in the future to shop.

The Buying Decision
Customers will not make a purchasing ...view middle of the document...

Lighting Uniformity
Customers will feel comfortable in a uniformly lit
environment because they can view the
merchandise and discern details. Most retail
environments will benefit from some degree of
uplight, which promotes uniformity by reducing
the contrast between the light source and the
surrounding area. A system with uplight will
improve the luminance of vertical surfaces, such
as signage, and will minimize shadows and glare.

(80-100 percent uplight)
Luminaires with this type of light
distribution are ideal for spaces that demand maximum
uplight. When a large quantity of light is bounced off
the ceiling, the result is a diffuse illumination that
creates an open and airy environment.

(40-60 percent uplight)
An almost equal balance of uplight and
down-light supplies high levels of illumination on floors
and display areas while allowing a certain amount of
light to bounce off the ceiling. Type 50 luminaires are
great for large areas where retailers want a simple, yet
high-quality and efficient lighting system.

(20-40 percent uplight)
Type 30 luminaires focuses customer eyes
on the merchandise, yet provide enough uplight to
prevent a dark and gloomy ceiling. They enhance the
aesthetics within a space and bring out the true colors of
merchandise while emphasizing texture.

(0-20 percent uplight)
When maximum levels of illumination are
needed for a specific task, such as alterations, a type
10 is the best solution. Light is focused on the task
enabling easy visibility

Color Rendering
and Temperature
Color is a powerful merchandising tool. Shoppers
must be able to determine the exact colors of
merchandise—whether they are selecting clothing,
furniture, automobiles, packaged goods, or food.
Color rendering is the ability of the light source
(the lamp) to represent the true colors in
merchandise. The closer the color rendering
index (CRI) is to 100, the more natural and
vibrant colors will appear.
The lamp’s color temperature must be considered
since it determines whether the environment
appears yellowish and warm or bluish and cool.
The correlated color temperature (CCT) is
measured in Kelvin (K), with a higher CCT
(4,000K) appearing cooler or blue, and a
lower CCT (3,000K) appearing warmer.
A warmer feel enhances skin’s color and works
for many areas within a grocery store, such as
the meat counter. A cooler environment enhances
the appearance of clothing and produce.

It is imperative that retail stores are comfortable
to shop in, including background noise. A
ballast that hums or music that is played too
loud is disturbing to a customer. They will
choose not to spend much time in that store.
Electronic ballasts and potted ballasts are
virtually noise-free allowing the customer to
concentrate on the merchandise, not the noise.

Daylight adds another dimension to the overall
lighting design and can impact customers’
perception of...

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