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Term Paper; Bless Me Ultima

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Taking place in Gaudalupe during World War II, the novels follows the struggles of Antonio Márez. It begins when a curandera, named Ultima, had come to live with Tony’s family when he was six years old. As Antonio grows up through the novel, he finds that he must choose between two completely opposite families from which he was born in: the Márez; wild and untamed vaqueros from Antonio's father's side, and the Lunas; quiet, religious farmers from whom his mother descended. While his father wanted him to make his own choices in the future, his mother’s dream was for him to become a Catholic priest. But over the course of the novel, Tony became disillusioned with faith and through ...view middle of the document...

The events that took place in the story had a great effect on Antonio, especially him witnessing multiple deaths. Ultima is a very interesting character. She is even one of the characters who impacted Antonio’s life much more. What I had noticed much in the story is how Antonio’s perspective of the religious deities change.
I don’t entirely agree with the experience Antonio had to go through during the story. He is such a young kid. He was only six years old when he witnessed Lupito die right in front of him. It wasn’t just Lupito who he saw die at such a young age, but also Narciso, Florence, and even Ultima. I don’t think I would be able to handle this kind of thing and I would most likely be scarred for life. But I liked how Antonio took the deaths at his age. Even though he started to have questions that were hard to answer, he didn’t respond like to what any other child of six years would react. Not only had he witness multiple deaths through the story, but he also finds himself becoming a priest. Before Lupito and Narciso died, they had asked the little Antonio for a blessing, and he even blessed Florence, even though he didn’t believe in God. Antonio was given a job as a priest way before he wasn’t at the right age for it. Antonio had matured more quickly then any children due to these different events throughout the story.
I must admit that even though Antonio is a great character through the novel, I must say that Ultima is my most favorite in the story. She may be an old woman, but she showed how great of an impact she had made of Antonio’s life. She had showed him how to be one with nature and become educated through the events in his life. She had nurtured Antonio’s spirited awakening. She is a very helpful person. She had been a midwife, she is a healer, and she helped Maria with daily chores around the house. She reminds me of my own grandmother. She also wants to do her best to help everyone in her family.
The plot of the story is real simple. It concentrates Antonio’s struggles between the concepts of good and evil. His struggle had started during the event of Lupito’s death. Sure, the villagers were after Lupito because he shot the sheriff, but Antonio had actually see them as the one who caused a sin, not Lupito. He struggles with the fact how God is always punishing and had looked up to the Virgin Mary for being so forgiving. But his views had changed after Narciso died, he dreamt that Virgin Mary was willing to forgive Tenorio, who he saw as evil. Now he didn’t see Virgin Mary as always right. So now Antonio struggles in believing his own religion. He is struggling through the novel, between two subjects completely different from each other.
Bless Me, Ultima focuses on Antonio’s growth through the story. This is a good example of Buildings Roman, a gene where a young youth matures through the story. He goes through the struggles of good and evil and questions about the Catholic God. There to help him through the...

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