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Southeast Bank Limited, a second generation private Bank, emerged in 1995 amid liberalization of global economies. Currently, its Authorized Capital is Tk.10, 000.00 million and its capital and reserve reached 9,927.16 million as of December 31, 2009. Its vision is to stand out as a premier banking institution in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the national economy.

The Bank, in the meantime, successfully completed 15th year of banking operations, recording significant growth in all the performance indicators. In 2009, the Bank earned an after tax profit of Tk.1870.19 million. The deposit of the bank grew by 41 percent to Tk.96, 669.05 million and ...view middle of the document...

Bank’s product-basket encompasses Real Time Online Any Branch Banking, Islamic Banking, Merchant Banking, Dual Currency Visa Credit Card, Visa Travel Card, ATMs, Education Loan Scheme, Double Benefit Scheme, Consumer Loan, Millionaire Deposit Scheme, SME Banking, Corporate Banking, Syndicate Loan, Monthly Savings Scheme, Monthly Income Scheme, Pension Saving Scheme, Wage Earner Pension Scheme, SMS Banking etc. in addition to Bank’s traditional credit and foreign trade related products and services.

High quality customer services through the integration of the latest and state of the art banking technology and products is Bank’s tool to achieve success. Customers are Bank’s first priority. The Bank is trying hard to provide a system of one-stop banking for customers by providing a broad spectrum of services. Bank’s employees have mastered new technology, enhanced their product knowledge and honed their skill to help customers meet their financial goals. It wants to be the best helping customers become financially better off by providing free advice, innovative leading-edge financial solutions, choice and convenience.

Whether Bank’s customers are individuals, small businessmen, or commercial clients, it aims to deliver the best customer service by meeting their unique and different needs in professional, ethical, friendly and knowledgeable manner. They are pledge-bound to turn Southeast Bank into a modern banking institution, dynamic in actions, progressive in programs, honest in dealings, just in judgment, futuristic attitude, and fair in approaches and devoted to high quality service to customers.

Bank’s plans are aimed at boosting modern management, advanced technology, good profitability, sound financial strength and fair corporate image of the Bank. It is firmly committed transparent, responsible and accountable corporate governance with the participation of Bank’s strong and most capable team of professionals and under the prized policy directive and guidance of the Board of Directors of the Bank.

Southeast Bank Limited carries out business activities with due respect for existing value and norms and with an understanding of the importance a large financial institution has for the society and the environment. The Bank wants to ensure its shareholders competitive return in line with the best among peer institutions.

2.1 Vision and Mission of Southeast Bank Ltd.

To be a premier banking institution in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the national economy.

• High quality financial services with state of the art technology.
• Fast customer service.
• Sustainable growth strategy.
• Follow ethical standards in business.
• Steady return on shareholders’ equity.
• Innovative banking at a competitive price.
• Attract and retain quality human resource.
• Commitment to corporate social responsibility.

2.2 Customer service
Customers are the focal point of Bank’s entire activities. The...

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