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Terminator 2 Essay

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Terminator 2: Judgement Day

The film ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’ is a science fiction film released in 1991 and directed by James Cameron. It is a sequel to the earlier film ‘The Terminator’ which began to explore the theme of technologies increasing impact on human life and the negative fall-out that will result in humanities over reliance on technology. ‘Terminator 2’ continues and then builds upon this theme by using religious metaphors associated with the apocalypse to give the viewers a bleak view of the future and the potential effect of technology. Not only can robots, using technology created by man, be sent back in time to try and eliminate members of the human race, but the ...view middle of the document...

This is a process that has been taking place for decades, most prominently with the invention of the production line, and will continue long into the future. The film captures this idea and shows it in a predominantly negative light by portraying the T-1000 as the ‘bad guy’ despite the fact that he is only trying to complete a mission that will ensure the survival of his own race in the future. The now inferior T-800 has been humanised and portrayed in a positive light, in stark contrast to the first film when it was the most advanced technology, once again raising the question as to whether this constant technological advancement is a good thing.

The film shows how this progressiveness with technology will ultimately culminate in the extinction of man-kind and society as we know it. A technology called ‘Skynet’, a type of artificial intelligence that will be responsible for the nuclear holocaust that will destroy humanity, is currently in the process of being created by a company called Cyberdyne Systems. The technology itself is for military purposes and is used to control a countries national arsenal. The problem was that Skynet was based off advanced technology, having used the chip in the arm of the original terminator, and was therefore able to learn at a geometric rate. The system would eventually gain self-awareness, to which the operators would realise the threat and try to shut it down. The system would take this as a threat and defend itself by insinuating a nuclear attack that it knew would wipe out a large proportion of humanity. This is referred to in the film as judgement day, and after the forewarning of the T-800, the protagonists set out to alter the future by stopping Skynet’s creation. This view into the future paints a very grim picture of our over reliance of technology. With the constant advancements in technology and society’s trend towards choosing machine over man for the control of important and potentially dangerous goods, the film was endeavouring to send a message as to the direction in which society could be headed given its current path. The film also effectively uses religious allegory to resonate with the audience and deliver its message. The term ‘judgement day’ refers to the apocalypse forecast in the bible, to which Jesus Christ will be humanities saviour. In the film humans are the manufacturers of their own doom, with technology being the catalyst and a replacement for sin, and...

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