Terrorism Essay

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Kelly Hood
Module 1 Case Assignment
BHS411: Issues of Terrorism
Dr. Anna Toom
28 February 2011

In this paper I will define terrorism, list criteria I used to define it, discuss how the criteria relates to the history and patterns of terrorism since 1945, and the reasons why acts of terrorism are committed. I will discuss Ahmads recommendations for dealing with terrorism, explain why the American revolution was not an act of terrorism, and how the role of Hezbollah has changed in Lebanon now making it a terrorist organization.
The reason I think that it is difficult to define terrorism is because it is a question of ethics, morals, ...view middle of the document...

A 100-mile convoy now takes twice as long because everything that could possibly be a IED has to be investigated. IEDs also eliminate some patrols because before a patrol is sent out the question of “does the benefit outweigh the cost” is asked.
Ahmad’s Recommendations
I disagree with Ahmad’s recommendation about double standards when it comes to terrorists activities. I think that when it comes to terrorists activities the United States has to side with the organization that will benefit our interests as a nation. I also think that the U.S. should continue to use clandestine and covert operations because it allows operational commanders a flexibility that normal units cannot provide and I believe that normally the benefits outweigh the costs. I do agree that utilizing international courts to issue warrants for people suspected as terrorists, but I believe that it would eventually result in the same military action. Hezbollah transformed their terrorist group into a political party and now actively takes part in the government of Lebanon.
American Revolution
From my point of view I would not consider the American Revolution an act of terrorism, because the American people were trying gain the same rights as those that lived in Great Britain, but were being treated differently because of where they lived. Americans were be taxed without representation in parliament and were unable to elect their own officials. Also the officials that were governing the colonies were...

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