Terrorism And Islam Essay

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In simple terms, terrorism means the use of force or threat against a person or group or country. It is the burning question of today as there is a global wave of terrorism around. Terrorists of all races and creeds are active individually or collectively, locally or globally in selling death destruction horror harassment and insecurity.
Though global war against terrorism has been afoot since the destruction of American world trade center on September 11, 2001 the monster of terrorism is still very much there.
Almost all agree that widespread terrorism is all due to unjust global, political and economic system. Poverty, frustrations, injustice, cruelty, exploitation, sectarianism, religious, militancy, state-sponsored terrorism, double standard of super powers, paralyzed UNO, and trouble spots like Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya. The oppressed exploited and frustrated ones want to ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately American and European electronic and print media have launched poisonous propaganda against Islam and Muslim world. The Muslims are being branded extremists, Fundamentalists, fanatics and dangerous for world peace. The so-called war against terrorism in Afghanistan, Iraq, Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Chechnya is being called war against Islamic extremism. Why is the Muslim world main target?  Have the Muslims clean hands in this regards? These questions call for knowing the true significance of jihad and the real responsibility of the so-called Jihad.
No doubt Jihad is necessary for the supremacy of truth, justice goodness and fairly over the forces of falsehood, injustice and cruelty. Agreed that conditions in this derailed and chaotic world are ripe for Jihad, but it is totally unwise to launch Jihad unless the jihadies set their own house in order. Jihad is justified when there is proper preparation on religious, moral, social, economic, cultural, educational, and military fronts to defeat the evil and evil-doers. With illiteracy, ignorance corruption, disunity, sectarianism, exploitation, and other social and moral evils in their own ranks.
Islamic Countries should act in unison to establish the true image and to spread message of Islam. They should take proper measure to counter the anti-Islam propaganda. They should bring home to the world that being the religion of peace, justice, equality, and human welfare Islam condemns any form of terrorism. Islam aims at the welfare of the whole humanity and only it can bring about peace, progress and prosperity in this trouble world. They should assure the world community that they do not sponsor any sort of terrorism. However, they should not let America and other anti-Islam forces to tarnish the image of Islam to gain their vested political economic and hegemonic interests. They can do it if they act upon the teachings of Islam, bring unity in their ranks, Promote education and science and adopt moderation and broad mindness.

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