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Terrorism Short Essay 3

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Terrorism is the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against governments, publics, or individuals, to attain a political objective. Terrorism, the cowardly demon, has haunted Americans as well as the world for years. What is terrorism? What does it involve? Who does it involve? In my mind, terrorism is evil, horror, and violence. It is the cruelty of killing mass numbers of people for illogical reasons. The Encyclopedia of Britannica describes terrorism as, "the systematic use of terror or unpredictable violence against governments, publics, or individuals, to attain a political objective." The FBI further describes it as either being, "domestic or international terrorism; domestic terrorism being the illegal or threatened use of violence and international terrorism ...view middle of the document...

At the time, attacks were mainly from groups trying to undermine or overthrow existing political institutions. However, today terrorism exists with different causes and purposes in mind.
Terrorism went from numerous attacks in the 20th century, to less frequent but more destructive assaults in the 21st century. The threat of terrorism has now become more deadly. Over the past couple years; terrorists have developed new tricks, such as portable bombs, suicide operatives, and weapons of mass destruction. These have been known to result in hundreds, not to say thousands of people being injured or killed. Some people even become terrorist, or are forced into terrorizing for reasons that they do not even know. As Michael Herr mentions, "Every day people were dying because of some small detail that they couldn't be bothered to observe." Take September 11 2001 into consideration, when two airplanes were hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center and another into the pentagon. In just two hours, families were torn apart, courage was tested, and the world was shaken forever. The hijackers had probably believed that they were dying on that plane for their country, but sadly did not know the true and exact reason for their presence, or their life for that matter. At the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton said, "I visited Ground Zero right after we were attacked. I felt like I was standing at the Gates of Hell. I hope no American ever has to witness a sight like that again.

One may ask, Who is this Bin Laden character? Osama bin Laden has been known as a terrorist for years. Allied, financed, and protected by the Al-Queda and the Taliban, Bin Laden has created mini-Osamas. These mini-Osamas are the men who go out and perform the terrorist plans that Bin Laden makes.

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