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Terrorism, Surveillance, And Radio Transmitters Essay

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Terrorism, Surveillance, and Radio-Transmitters

    ABSTRACT: This paper is an introduction into the discussion of different types of surveillance equipment. The paper centers on different intelligence agencies worldwide that use surveillance equipment, the types of information they need, and how they go about gathering the information. There is also a discussion on the most common type of surveillance equipment used by intelligence agencies, the radio transmitter. The transmitter is described in detail and its myriad of uses in surveillance are illustrated. Finally the ethical question of using surveillance devices that infringe upon the privacy of the individual is discussed.

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national interests from foreign security threats by any legal means necessary."[2] Consequently, collection of intelligence information is of prime importance for nations to subsiste.


The sources of this intelligence information come from two broad categories: public and covert. When most people think of intelligence organizations they automatically think of James Bond movies and other clandestine spy missions, however over 80% of the information that these intelligence organizations collect comes from public sources like newspapers, media, government documents, embassies, and diplomats. Only about 20% of the information comes from covert sources, but this 20% of the information often turns out to be the most valuable. . These covert sources are divided into three sections: human intelligence, signals intelligence, and photographic intelligence.[3] Human intelligence is the gathering of information by agents working undercover in the field. Human intelligence provides less volume of data but is important in helping to understand the thinking of the adversary. Signals intelligence is the monitoring and interception of electronic communications and other emissions. Often the information that has been intercepted must then be decoded. The third type of covert intelligence is photographic intelligence. This information is usually gathered by airplanes that use advanced radar and thermography to gain information about adversaries. This type of intelligence is very important when trying to monitor the movements of military troops or to spot military facilities during wartime.


Intelligence organizations using covert and public sources generally try to gain four basic types of information: Political, Military, Economic, and Technological.[4] Political intelligence is the most sought after of all the information, but ironically it is the hardest to get and the most unpredictable. The best source of political intelligence is diplomats who are working in the country in question because they are so immersed in the country and its internal politics that they can make the most informed political predictions. Military intelligence is another major type of information needed by intelligence agencies. This category includes information concerning the military organization and equipment other nations have or even the number of units and formations their military uses. The most common source of this information is from space reconnaissance technology and military agents within the countries. Economic information is also critical because it plays an integral role in a country's development of their political, military, and foreign policy. Much of this economic information is publicly available in trade or economic journals of the country. The final category of information is technological. A country must always be on guard to the technological advancement of other countries in many frontiers of scientific knowlege and specifically the...

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