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Name: ____________________________________ Date: __________________8th Grade Health - Pre-test/Post-testDirections: Circle the letter that represents the best answer.1. The condition in which a person secretly eats large amounts of food and then tries topurge is called:A. Obesity B. Anorexia NervosaC. Bulimia Nervosa D. Compulsive Eating2. Obesity is a health risk of which of the following conditions:A. Anorexia Nervosa B. Bulimia NervosaC. Compulsive Eating D. None of the above3. Losing weight to the point of becoming dangerously thin is a sign of:A. All eating disorders B. Anorexia NervosaC. Bulimia Nervosa D. Binge Eating Disorder4. Which of the following health care providers usually treat people with eating disorders?A. Counselor B. Primary Care DoctorC. Nutritionist ...view middle of the document...

Relapse B. RecoveryC. Tolerance D. Enablers9. Drugs that slow down the body's functions and reactions are known as:A. Depressants B. StimulantsC. Enablers D. Alternatives10. The progressive, chronic disease involving a mental and physical need for alcohol is:A. Relapse B. AlcoholismC. Malnutrition D. Tolerance11. The process of learning to live an alcohol-free life is known as:A. Recovery B. RelapseC. Reaction Time D. None of the above12. What is known as the return to the use of a drug after attempting to stop?A. Reaction Time B. RelapseC. Tolerance D. Malnutrition13. Drugs that speed up the body's functions and reactions are known as:A. Stimulants B. DepressantsC. Hallucinogens D. None of the above14. Which of the following affects how alcohol affects an individual?A. Gender and Body Size B. General HealthC. How fast you drink D. All of the above15. The drug found in tobacco is:A. Caffeine B. THCC. Nicotine D. None of the above16. The poisonous, colorless, odorless gas found in cigarette smoke is what?A. Oxygen B. HydrogenC. Nitrogen D. Carbon Monoxide17. A nonsmoker who breathes in secondhand smoke is called:A. Passive Smoker B. Aggressive SmokerC. Friend D. Bully18. Physical and psychological reactions that occur when someone stops using an addictivesubstance are known as:A. Tolerance B. WithdrawalC. Relapse D. None of the above19. Products that assist a person in breaking a tobacco habit are:A. Point of Sale Promotions B. Nicotine Replacement TherapiesC. Secondhand Smoke D. Withdrawal20. Pressure you feel to go along with the harmful behaviors or beliefs of others your age isknown as:A. Negative Peer Pressure B. Positive Peer PressureC. Relapse D. Withdrawal21. Ground tobacco that is chewed or inhaled through the nose is:A. Secondhand Smoke B. Smokeless TobaccoC. Cigarette Smoking D. None of the above

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