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Testicular Cancer Essay

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Testicular Cancer
Testicular cancer is a ‘’Cancer that develops in the testicle. Usually only one testicle is affected, but in some cases both testicles are affected. Testicular cancers starts in the cells that develop into sperm, which are called sperm cells.’’ (Australia, 2015).
It is a cancer that commonly occurs in men. Young men around the ages of 18 to 40 are most at risk of developing testicular cancer. Common symptoms of testicular cancer includes a lump in the testis, the feeling of heaviness in the scrotum and the change in the size and shape of the testicles. Across the Australian demographic, survival rates for testicular cancer have increased in the recent years during “the ...view middle of the document...

Another reason why there is a huge increase in young men with testicular cancer, is the reluctant attitude to seek professional help, due to the embarrassment factor associated with seeking medical help in the genital region. “The rate of men diagnosed with testicular cancer has grown by more than 50% over the past 30 years” (Australia, 2015) making testicular cancer even more so a priority area in Australia.
The process of assessing testicular cancer firstly involves the doctor to conducting a test to figure out what stage of cancer it is and grading it. This grading of the cancer gives the patient a clear picture of their prognosis and the treatment of the cancer. Correspondingly, the doctor will also need evaluate if the cancer cells have affected other parts of the males’ body. ‘’The main area that testicular cancer can spread to is the lymph nodes in the abdomen and nearby lymph nodes around the pubic area.’’ (Tidy & kenny, 2014). Furthermore, there are multiple tests that can be conducted to discover testicular cancer. One of the test involves the affected persona conducting a self-examination to check for any lumps or irregularities in the testicle. When a lump is discovered, there are further testing to diagnose if the lump is actually a cancerous cell. After this process, an ultrasound is one of the main test as it reveals to the doctor the nature of the lump and if it is fluid filled or solid filled. An ultrasound combined with a blood test for tumor markers will give the doctor a clear idea if the lump is a tumor or the cause of the lump or irregularity. ‘’ In most cases of testicular cancer the testy is removed, this is called an orchiectomy. Additional treatment includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy or both treatments especially if the cancer has spread or in advanced stages of the tumor’’ (Australia, 2015). Risk factors that can lead to someone having a higher chance of developing testicular cancer can be due to undescended testes, previous testicular cancer, previous male infertility, family history and Down syndrome. Undescended testes or otherwise known as cryptorchidism is ‘’ A condition when one or both of the testes have not descended into the scrotum at birth but stay in the abdomen or only move part way down into the scrotum’’. (Blecher, 2014) This is usually found in 3 to 5 boys in every 100. ‘’ Men with a history of undescended testes have about ten times the chance of testicular cancer; the risk may be lower if surgery is used to fix the problem which usually happens before one year of age.’’ (Blecher, 2014). Another risk factor, is previous testicular cancer. This affects ‘’about 1 in 25 men who have had testicular cancer in one testis develop cancer in the other testis’’. (Blecher, 2014). Previous male infertility is also another risk factor in testicular cancer. It is shown that ‘’Men diagnosed with fertility problems, particularly those with a history of undescended testes, may have a greater chance of...

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