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Text In Time Essay

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Texts are products of time
Focusing of 2 texts from different eras, discuss how text reflect values of their context. Medieval literature and the renaissance literature was a period of time where religion and values were important, good and evil was widely distinct and the political structure was highly valued depending on the individual’s background. These factors had huge influence on how and why literature was raised. Middle ages was a more a time of religious fears and, scientific and cultural progress was considered evil which made stories more conservative, harsh and heroic. One of the famous medieval text includes Thomas Malory and the Morte D’Arther. The text is a fusion of ...view middle of the document...

In this quote king Arthur commands Sir Bedevere to throw his noble sword in the river. “For I have taken cold, and if you do not now as I bed thee, if ever I may see thee, I shall slay thee with my own hands”… the use of repetition of thee (you) portrays that king Arthur is not satisfied with Sir Bedevere duties as he betrayed the king three times and from this king Arthur threatens to kill Bedevere. The repetition of “thee” also sets more of a powerful, controlling and passionate tone. This quote is very significant because King Arthur is almost dying from a battle, which he risked his life to save his people. This was his last noble act. The audience understands that people in these era considered King Arthur as a heroic figure and nearly seen as a god. Medieval literature had strong beliefs and valued religious/ heroic figure in society which hugely affected people’s faith and value.

Another text with similer characteristics from the medieval times was the renaissance period because in the medieval literature heroic stories mostly portrayed as man was mostly valued in the society but in the renaissance literature there was a bit of a twist when it came to heroism and the religious context. In the renaissance period it was the rebirth in interest of writing, arts and culture. Religious and political conditions emerged that produced literature which was vibrant and rich with free thinking, individualism and the rise of humanism. From the medieval writings taught people how to be more pleasing to god as for renaissance writing, by contrast, showed complex layers of human’s emotions and society as it was. In the cultural context of renaissance, available to write was powerful well recognised by the society. During the era of renaissance there was a lot of writing produced such as poetry, plays and sonnets was made. One of the famous Petrarchan sonnet ever written was called the holy sonnet 10 written by John Donne. His writing of poetry is identified as metaphysical with intellectual and argumentative...

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