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Text Messaging Is Slows Down The Development Of Literacy

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Around the years 2001 to 2004, more text capable cellular telephones became available to the general public. When these types of cellular telephones became available, the text messaging phenomenon began. More and more people decided that text based communication was the most efficient way to communicate. Due to this phenomenon, educators are becoming more aware of the effects of text based communication on the developmental learning of literacy. Text messaging is dumbing down literacy for future generations. The newer generations have not had the privilege of experiencing a society that is not wrapped up in text based communication, such as instant messaging, chatting, and text messaging. ...view middle of the document...

61). Powell and Dixon (2011) stated in their research, "It is now established that phonological awareness is one of the strongest correlates of both reading and spelling ability in children and adults..." (p. 64). It is feasible to say that the case of clearly speculating a words articulation while being exposed to textisms is profitable to a college students future spelling abilities. The research findings have shown that a small amount of exposure to textisms can help adults to retain knowledge of a words actual spelling.
Although textims did not have a negative play on the effects of text based communication in college students or adults, misspellings did show to be harmful to their literacy skills. Powell and Dixon (2011) found in their study that adults are still influenced by incoming information. Misspellings that are often seen, can become a habit to some individuals. Therefore, Powell and Dixon (2011) stated in their article that, "...with the consequence that subsequent spelling ability was impaired while exposure of correct spelling reinforced representations, and thus had a positive effect on spelling" (p. 64). If correct spellings were reinforced instead of misspellings in text messaging, many adults may acquire better literacy skills.
The study performed by Powell and Dixon (2011), also raises a great point when it comes to text messaging, literacy, and those with dyslexia by stating,
It is now established that phonological awareness is one of the strongest correlates of both reading and spelling ability in children and adults with and without dyslexia. Plester et al. (2009) noted the association between knowledge of textisms and phonological awareness in children. There may be gradually accruing benefits of texting in terms of phonological awareness gains in children, which in turn may relate to literacy gains. (p. 64)
In addition to this, Powell and Dixon (2011) found that misspellings tend to not have as much of an effect on children as it does adults. These results are due to the lack of a child's well established literacy development.
Studies have shown that text messaging helps college students to become in depth readers. Researchers are suggesting that implementing modern technology into developmental education will increase literacy skills in both general education students and those with disabilities. Rankin (2010) performed a study on twenty-five of eighty-nine transitioning college students focusing on the fact that there is a lack of literacy in secondary classrooms, and it is harmful to a student's development. She states that due to this, "... teachers need to have the necessary training and administrative support to make the changes in the curriculum that will possibly improve student writing performance " (Rankin, 2010, p. 26).
Jillian L. Wendt, a Biology and Ecology teacher in Dinwiddie, Virginia wrote an article in the Spring of 2013 expressing her concerns for the lack of literacy skills found in many...

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