Text Types And Translation Strategies Essay

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Janis Petrovs
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“Technical Translation”

Text Types and Decision Making in Translation


Riga 2011
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The author of the present term paper is a student of Riga Technical University, Institute of Languages, Georgijs Mitikovs. The term paper titled “Text Types and Decision Making in Translation” consists of two parts: the theoretical part and practical part.
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Also whithout knowing to which type the text belongs to there is a risk for translator to make a mistake while choosing which translation approach or strategy to apply in his translation. That makes the type of the source text one of the most important factors connected to the dicision making in translation which the translator must always be aware of. The author of this term paper considers several main text types defined by linguists and researchers in their books.
Text types are general semantic-functional concepts and are not to be confused with text forms (advertisements, editorials, sermons, shopping lists, poems, telephone books, novels, etc.) they vary in their purpouse, length, style etc. This fact raises the necessity of their classification or devision into types.
In translation studies several authors have offered different text types. The majority of linguists distinguish five text types: informative, narrative, vocative, expressive and legal texts.
For the reason that the text chosen by the author of this term paper refers to informative and expressive types which are propably the most frequently met types of text, author will give more attention to these particular types of text.
Informative Texts - Descriptive texts are concerned with the location of persons and things in space. “They will tell us what lies to the right or left, in the background or foreground, or they will provide background information which, perhaps, sets the stage for narration. It is immaterial whether a description is more technical-objective or more impressionistic-subjective” (cf. Gramley, 2003:153). Informative texts usually avoid repetition, contain facts and give information in a clear way, introducing the subject and than developing it. Scientific articles, manuals and piece of news can be grouped into this category. Accuracy is needed, particularly, when translating terminology; it includes professionalisms and jargon which can amount to 1/10 of all the text (Zauberga, 2001:20). Parallel texts (texts on similar subject) and good dictionaries are very helpful in this case.
Narrative Texts - Narrative texts have to do with real-world events and time. They may be fictional (fairy tales, novels) or nonfictional (newspaper report). They are characterised by a sequencing of events expressed by dynamic verbs and by adverbials such as “and then”, “first”, “second”, “third”.
The book chosen for the translation in the practical part of given term paper is related to the field of economics which has a lot of colourful expressions, idioms, metaphors etc. The title of the book “The Ascend of Money” itself already gives reader aclue that it is not written completely in dry scientific style.
Vocative texts – Some other books on linguistics refer to this type of texts as to Persuasive texts.These texts include advertisements, electoral speeches, tourist brochures etc. The aim of these texts is make the recipient act, for example: an advert may want you to...

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